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From " collect a source to buy case " the essence that talks about liberal econo
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Because buy the consistent condemn that collects a source to be reached an expert by the netizen, the Coke Cola of dance of be apt to of all along long on public relations sleeve was immersed in mood angst. Personage of know the inside story disclosed to the reporter yesterday, undertake to make sure what buy to collecting a source is smooth, coke Cola is endeavoring to produce the public opinion that is helpful for buying, and be suspected of suppress object sound. As we have learned, at present already much home company gathers discuss, prepare Department of Commerce of cosignatory submit a written statement to a higher authority to object be being bought this, reason is Coke Cola is mixed after collecting a source to incorporate, the channel of forestall half above, increase the financial capacity support of Coke Cola, other company does not have vivosphere basically. (on September 8 " Beijing morning paper " )

Coke Cola should be bought collect a source, one wishs to sell, one wishs to buy, a normal commercial act, at first view this news, I was not cared about, but two days past, controversy turned white-hot. How do I also want to be illogical how can draw on so intense opposition sound: Not only grass-roots object, scholar of a few experts also objects; Not only with be suspected of forestall be being contacted, return so as great as safety of economy of patriotic, country major idea to be contacted.

Honest absurdity comes extremely! Ask presumingly: In recent years, ethical car line of business already by foreign capital " gobble up " , the economic safety of our country was browbeaten, still buy Che Yue to exceed petty gain? If a few bottles of beverage can browbeat national economy is safe, so, is the body spirit of our country too not weak also? Calculate a few bottles of beverage to be able to browbeat really national economy is safe, so, dry what does our national security branch, our modern force use excuse me?

Of course, opponent says, once buy a success, the brand of Coke Cola adds the sale channel that collects a source, form forestall probably, consumer will be hapless. Actually, this kind worries about without reason. Above all, buy still half-baked, of forestall say nature is suffer from imaginary fears, this is guilty conclude, disobeyed program justice; Next, commercial act is put in the chance with massive move and uncertainty, probably competitor can rise formidably immediately, coke Cola is essential cannot hold the market; Again, if some is so innocent that some formed forestall, to moment reassume measure not late also, after all, we had been had " antitrust law " .

Retreat 10 thousand paces to say, if true concern buys our customer,form security of economy of forestall, minatory country, I can tell you a secret that makes instead: I am not drunk, I call you collapse. No matter be Coke Cola, still collect source fruit juice, not be what tigidity lives extremely requisite, great patriot is mixed for national economy safety mutinous economy forestall, make this bit of sacrifice, it is bagatelle really! statement of 200 thousand netizen does not want to boycott Coke Cola now? Coke Cola is in China collapse, economy of natural not afraid country is safe.
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