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The fruit juice that collect a source and " colliery of the land of country "
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Coke Cola company announced a few days ago, this company division leaves wholy-owned subsidiary will with 17.92 billion HK dollar (add up to 2.3 billion dollar about) cost whole buys the fruit juice that collect a source. Presiding apparitor of Coke Cola company and president Mu Taikang say: "Collecting a source to be in China is a development long already the fruit juice brand that reachs a success, have the effect that supplement each other to business of Coke Cola China. " this message causes huge attention in the market immediately.

The fruit juice that collect a source is having in home taller famous degree, it is famous ethical brand. Show according to concerning a material, the fruit juice that collect a source is at present market of Chinese pure fruit juice has rate premier company, 2007, sale achieves 2.656 billion yuan. According to the investigation of AC Nielsen, up to by 2007, sale of juice of vegetables of fruit of the chroma in collecting the hundred fruit juice of the source to reach holds home market total respectively 42.6% with 39.6% , occupy the position of home market old firmly. 2007, fruit vegetables juice (include hundred fruit juice, medium juice of chroma fruit vegetables and fruit juice beverage) it is the soft drinks with Chinese market the rapiddest growth. With valence estimation, fruit vegetables juice already made market of the 2nd big beverage after carbonic acid beverage. Collecting a source is the main competitor of source of beautiful juice of card of inferior of Coke Cola banner, also be the competitor of the happy fruit juice that banner of 100 things coke plays Coke Cola old rival. Considering afore-mentioned circumstances, coke Cola buys the fruit juice that collect a source in whole later, the big boss that makes market of beverage of Chinese fruit juice very quickly. Accordingly, if say Coke Cola is bought to this " covet 3 feet " , appear and divide nevertheless.

So far, have not hear Zhu Xinli of the boss that collect a source is bought to this have why to express. Collecting reputation of source respect someone to weigh this will be " double win " buy, the sense that gives a person is nonsense. People still remembers, since Coke Cola and 100 things coke after entering Chinese market, buy with respect to what began brand of beverage of famous to home people. Last centuries 80 time, have Beijing early or late " the Arctic Ocean " , of Shanghai " wide and " , of Chengdu " coke of weather government office " wait for a brand to be bought, history say " water wides 7 army " . Await in those days, many people ever also thought that is met is " double win " , conduce to ethical brand grow. And grim fact is, those companies that are bought become the fill of foreign coke to install a plant in succession, "The Arctic Ocean " , " wide and " became generation person etc the memory when.

Below market economy setting, between the enterprise be being bought each other is normal trade act originally, coke Cola is taken a fancy to collecting a source also is meddlesome. The problem depends on, brand of a few nations will how look upon such buying? After-thought at the outset, zhu Xinli hair swears to do the business do greatly strong, want to move toward the world, with Coke Cola people contend for relative superiority or inferiority. Nowadays the words are still ringing in one's ears, how did this tone loosen? Heat up sowed teleplay recently " brave the journey to the Northeast " in have paragraph of plot: Zhu Kaishan is original to developing coal mine of the land of country have worry, but know Japanese also is stared at went up this colliery, he is determined to be contended for with Japanese. That bright red boss in teleplay is a dicker person, can not hesitate for some kind of principle however cast the home to shed line of business, know to cannot be and do it, show a kind of moral courage. In reality, if our entrepreneur is mere for the interest before, easily to equity of foreign capital sell one's own things, "Change now " exit, they are in account respect probably can yet be regarded as is successful, but in additionally a few respects the likelihood is huge failure.
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