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Zhu Xinli: No matter whether is Department of Commerce approved,buy me " glad "
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Coke Cola company bought message of the fruit juice that collect a source on September 3, caused the discussion of the in full swing on the net immediately.

For a short while " Zhu Xinli is a quisling " , " industry of beverage of China of Coke Cola menace " censure fly violently, came out even Coke Cola coerces some lawyer cancel for the condition with business of its opinion on public affairs " heal door " incident.

But chief is accepted related Coke Cola " negotiable securities daily " when the reporter is interviewed, denied " heal door " incident, say the report does not have a basis.

Sell a plant because there is successor?

On September 6, the Zhu Xinli that buys case hind is in collect a source sale analysis was met in August on to the public first " look good as result of recieving praise " , carrying the Zhu Dong thing before outside pressure appears in camera lens on the head to grow still is smilingly, as before of honest and sincere of guileless of the way one speaks or what he says.

"Zhou Yi, Zhou Er, Zhou San (the) after the agreement is signed, I throw the mobile phone in the office, looked for a gully to box up to oneself. These 3 days, I am ' very wood ' feeling, cannot say fails or succeed, say to succeed still have so much netizen grouchy scold me, say to fail we took the company so old, had not entrapped anybody, no matter be revenue of obtain employment, fruit grower, state, it is all big beneficial. " Zhu Xinli says frankly to media.
Couplet remembers Zhu Xinli emphasizes " the enterprise should be raised when the son, sell should sell when the pig " academic, let go apparently collect a source to be done and do not rise so relaxed.

The predecessor that collect a source is Shandong did not send the salary, county that is about to close down 3 years to run tinned fruit plant, 1992 as the classics outside county of source of Shandong short for the Yihe River appoint the Zhu Xinli of the vice director resolutely took over this enterprise, pass old and cultivated, collect a source to grow gradually for China's famous nation brand. Develop 01 years quickly through was being obtained with the collaboration of heart swell, but because heart swell financing is tight,also be heavily in debt later. The source is collected to enter the right path stage by stage below Zhu Xinli make vigorous efforts to turn the situation, amount to at introducing 2007 can, couplet of Hong Kong of implementation of partner of strategy of silver-colored behavior of development of American Hua Ping fund, Holand hands in place to appear on the market.

The data shows, 2007, sale of the fruit juice that collect a source achieves 2.656 billion yuan, grow 28.6% . This year first half of the year, total output of the beverage that collect a source 540 thousand tons, grow 11.11 % compared to the same period. Report according to AC Nielsen, up to by 2007, sale of juice of vegetables of fruit of the chroma in collecting the hundred fruit juice of the source to reach holds home market total respectively 42.6% with 39.6% . Collected a source to become China is at present pure of the not decline to shoulder a responsibility of juice market get army enterprise. And Zhu Xinli manages this single-handed, among them investor of as first-class as heart swell, all strategy closes minute minutes, deal with at Coke Cola, 100 things, in amounting to the be covetous on that can wait for foreign capital old, the wind storm rain that its experience cannot call not much, zhu Xinli is not deep to collecting the feeling of the source to cannot call.
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