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Xu Jingsheng: What to rely on without ethical brand China powerful
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Although collect president of limited company of group of source fruit juice to hold president Zhu Xinli concurrently to express publicly, "The brand should not have national boundaries " , but the voice that objects selling ethical brand is increasingly strong. The voting result that some portal website initiates shows, in participating in voting 40 thousand more than person, buy the fruit juice that collect a source to hold to Coke Cola not the scale of approve of opinion is as high as 82.3% . Coke Cola is bought collect a source, whether be suspected of " antitrust law " for the moment no matter, look from national long-term interests merely, selling ethical brand is a kind of risky move. The country that does not have ethical brand because of is very terrible.

From annual world circumstance of 500 strong appraise through comparison looks, besides in besides the state-owned monopoly business such as petrifaction, Bank of China, find complete market condition very hard to fall to be hit through free competition spell the ethical brand that come out. And, the brand still is in finite nation to be eroded by foreign capital place. In recent years, large quantities of one nations such as batteries of toothpaste of Su Bo Er, big treasure, China, Na Fu, Shu Lei the brand is bought by foreign capital place in succession. After ethical brand is bought by foreign capital, also disappear from the scene gradually. Be like 2000, le Baishi is amounted to can the company is bought, le Baishi brand exits the market basically already now; Oulaiya bought France 2003 young nurse, young now nurse is found hard almost in the market; 8 big beverage companies of our country already had 7 by American Coke Cola or annex of 100 things coke...

Look on particular significance, ethical brand also is a country a of overall economy actual strength important sign, can say even, worldwide the economic competition inside is the competition between the brand. Imagine very hard, a can alive without the Chinese economy of ethical brand bound occupies position in economic structure. And have a look at a developed country, doesn't that have his ethical brand? American economy can powerful, because they had such as,be on certain level Coke Cola, Woerma, Microsoft, general wait for lots and lots of worlds top-ranking brand; Japanese economy can powerful, because they have a pine to fall,be on certain level, the outstanding brand such as this Suo Ni, cropland. If ethical brand of China masters increasingly in foreign enterprise hand, what does that China still take to develop powerful?

Chinese need is powerful, and powerful China needs to more and more nation brands will prop up. Ethical brand of China relies on him Chinese to just can be done only do greatly strong, must not count on foreign capital to be able to make the ethical brand of strong China. Come from this meaning say, although betray ethical brand to be able to get benefit temporarily, but from long-term interests for, we will be lost a lot of. Want to know, it is very difficult to foster brand of a nation very difficult.
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