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Who will finish the antitrust to Coke Cola to investigate?
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On September 3 when, the company of beverage group Coke Cola with the biggest whole world issued an announcement, say to want to will buy company of country's biggest fruit juice bibcock to collect source fruit juice with 17.9 billion HK dollar.

After the message comes out, each just comment in succession, numerous public opinion considered as foreign capital to kill ethical brand of home. This one picket buys the reaction that causes so much, it after all can figuration, is this picket bought can you succeed?

To this, " negotiable securities daily " the reporter interviewed partial expert.

" negotiable securities daily " : At present public opinion bound to ethical brand live or die attention is very tall, to collecting source itself what to kind of sense there is?

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Zhao Yumin: Carry ethical brand to be returned by desalt now premature, now is the trend of a kind of internationalization, but the nationality of an enterprise is right now the progress of a country is very significant still, even Chinese enterprise is bought to the foreign country can encounter national security such concept. But, coke Cola buys those who collect a source to the field is popularized in sale for the source or be in benignantly to collecting, it is valuable that to collecting a source the promotion of this brand is returned.

Xu Hua: Will look as alien, we hope ethical brand can be saved go down, but Zhu Xinli serves as a rational agent, if regard the enterprise as the word of a belongings, the other side is willing with tower above market price double buy, he collect a source to sell also give no cause for more criticism. But from on the other hand for, collect a source problem of present management itself existence, zhu Xinli also once wanted to will collect source make it hundred years old store, but it is very easy that financing of civilian battalion industry is not, increase endowment spread be afraid that the control that loses a business counterpoises again, additional, respect of responsibility of the insider that collect a source also is put in a few contradiction, perhaps him Zhu Xinli can no more have finished the ideal of hundred years old store, accordingly he chooses to go out company usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price.
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