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It is difficult that Coke Cola fears devour the fruit juice that collect a sourc
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Last week, coke Cola and combination of the fruit juice that collect a source issue announcement, say former the total assets that offer cash of 17.9 billion HK dollar buys the fruit juice that collect a source. Message, in an uproar of the public opinion on the net, hair post netizen objects most probably, the group that collect a source is to sell ethical brand by bitterly attack when family Zhu Xinli " traitor " .

Count a day continuously, many domestic newspaper publish a comment at this point in succession, straight Chen Huiyuan cannot sell American. Having those who nod abnormality is, the deepness report that domestic newspaper makes with respect to this matter place is very few. Look, when the thing bilateral confidential kongfu has skill truly, except both sides is belonged to appear on the market company, suffer negotiable securities to trade regular tie, must release publicly plan to buy and be bought message, be afraid the staff that assembles source fruit juice repeatedly also returns be kept inside a drum-be kept in the dark, do not say average consumer.

Put in before, adscititious the regular obligation that accepts WTO to open capital market, this is bought the proposal is final let Coke Cola probably achieve what one wishes. Bought case far not to say, the SEB that says the near future buys Su Bo Er, although the in chorus of medium and small businesses inside industry of domestic cooking utensils objects, but after many setbacks later, the French still is not to achieve what one wishes procurable. Department of Commerce " very " do not live the pressure of SEB, depending on cooking utensils things is not national lifeblood industry, do not get the special protection of WTO game regulation. Take this to contrast, collect the destiny that source fruit juice escapes hard to be bought it seems that.

However, above is experience sex only conclude, the change as exterior condition -- a certain number of benefit " me " protective screen of tie sex protection is being formed, some has shown protective effect, consequently, coke Cola wants to devour it is very difficult to collect a source to be afraid, be like China of embezzle of one's early years again unlikely market of puny carbonic acid beverage repeats that kind " the Qin Dynasty destroys 6 countries " good fun.

Cite an example first, triumphant thunder of the United States several days ago announces those who abandon pair of Xu Gong to buy cloudily should make an appointment with. This is bought already be locked in a seesaw struggle is counted year, involve amount 375 million dollar, be about to devour than Coke Cola the offer a price that collects a source is small much, but of Department of Commerce of be enslaved to be enslaved to " procrastinate " , american chose sensibly to abandon. American is foolish, american thief is astute -- know very well antitrust is examined " bad news " do not rise oh.

Public opinion denounces all the time antitrust law of China too " thick " , but " thick " also have " thick " advantage. This code decided antitrust to examine, blurred however the time limit that antitrust examines -- this does not have not not be Chinese type wisdom. In addition, although antitrust law is formal already become effective is carried out, but relevant, multifarious executive detailed rules still gets item-by-item formulate and announce, the checkup of antitrust the orgnaization also needs to build, perfect, the antitrust function of relevant ministries and commissions is far not li Qing Dynasty and delimit, still have examine program and so on to also be waited for calm... all these need time, coke Cola is OK perhaps and patient " wait " , but the market is ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye however, the share price that collects a source also is constant wave motion, coke Cola of not be up to sb to decide " always be stationed in patiently " .
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