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"Nutrition is owed sufficient " road of the fruit juice that collect a source is
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Since Coke Cola drafted on September 3 contributive 19.6 billion HK dollar is wholy-owned buy the fruit juice that collect a source (01886.HK) already issued share to reach entirely did not issue entirely can trade a bond (information, prices) after the message is announced, the abroad capital that this character 8 has not cast aside buys ethical brand incident, become heat of persistent finance and economics instantly.

The fruit juice that collect a source this year ability is 16 years old, its two big advocate hit product pure fruit juice and fruit vegetables juice to be had in home market rate be as high as 42.6% to reach respectively 39.6% . If the market by its scene is presentative, it is just as an elegance and talent luxuriant teenager, "Money " scene cannot set limit to. Together with fruit juice belongs to green health drink, home market just just got primary development, relative to the carbonic acid drink that at be in China the market already showed atrophy of year after year, the fruit juice that collect a source regards the first home made product inside the industry as the card, can of space of its market development says " magnanimity " . Still have, be cultivated as global fruit and consume the biggest country, of domestic fruit juice compress treatment, heretofore still belongs to whole produce (000061, ) one of weak point of deep treatment, if cultivates fruit juice to compress to be by ethical brand conformity on an industry catenary from the fruit, sure form is benefited together into consumer and fruit grower, the society adds obtain employment post, what the government raises revenue is much win pattern.

Perhaps be based on afore-mentioned reasons, the investigation of some website shows, about most probably the netizen objects selling Coke Cola the fruit juice that collect a source, partial netizen is flat and abuse Zhu Xinli " betray one's country " , relatively rational " when review expression " capture affection of ethical brand resort, with period influence public opinion. However, a variety of information that sober analysis has disclosed, of Zhu Xinli idea complex, be by no means simple " sell " the word can be covered.

Collect a source the ability at the beginning of last year appears on the market in Hong Kong, collect a source to be in industrial catenary again downstream, outback fruit vegetables grows industrialization and standardization rate very low, fresh fruity quality is uneven, by force of but, zhu Xinli casts big act against one's will money visits an area at 8, open up fruit cultivates industrial garden, besides, orchard construction is in 3-5 still needs ceaseless investment inside year, want to make the orchard has high quality stability to yield, need take time 5-7 normally year. This is met not only the capital chain that take up assembles source fruit juice, have a bit inadvertent, still can endanger capital catenary security.

Fruit juice treatment belongs to capital concentrated model add labor concentrated model industry, technical threshold is not high. Although be industry big boss,collect a source, but be in inside the industry " the first group " the other company development of seating arrangement is rapidder, cause the fruit juice that collect a source to be had relative to the market rate is constant go low, with was 2007 exemple, collect a source to be broken in succession drop domain of 3 when include Sichuan inside regional sales. At this point, alien may see the very market share of the fruit juice that collect a source only, and Zhu Xinli has to pay attention to among them secret worry however.
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