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Drink a dot " foreign flavour " fruit juice how
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The fruit juice that collect a source will be bought by Coke Cola, in instantly China business circles it is undoubtedly " the shock is played " ! The fruit juice that collect a source appears on the market in Hong Kong only a year half, was faced with by wholy-owned bought destiny. On September 3, coke Cola company announces, already obtained hold to collect source fruit juice the 3 shareholder support of 66% share, every bade 12.2 HK dollar buy the fruit juice that collect a source all share.

This 3 large stockholder are respectively: The company that collect a source currently holds the post ofpresident Zhu Xinli, hold 41.53% ; Amount to can company, hold 22.98% ; GourmetGrace, hold 6.37% . (on September 4 " new capital signs up for " )
The message comes out, as one falls of the quarrelling sound on in the bookshops, net, scold collect a source to go to harbor to appear on the market, it is to let foreign devil people " offer amnesty and enlistment to rebels " , denounce Zhu Xinli with " should make ethical brand, do hundred years old shop " catchword is cover, row " sell oneself or a member of one's family " solid, flicker the ethical affection of all compatriots, have a company then cosignatory appeal objects.
Respecting people love, make a person very easy think of previous all the time by compatriots honour for " the country is honorary " athletics sports. 1994 on Asia Game of the 12nd Hiroshima, before benefit of He Zhi of Chinese ping-pong team member with " hill Chile " go out for a battle of team of renown delegate Japan, beat Chinese player Qiao Gong and Deng Yaping to carry off after champion of ping-pong women's singles, by the country the crowd rises and angrily rebuke is " traitor " , " traitor " , " quisling " .
Fight more than 10 years turn the star moves, as Chinese country comprehensive strength rise, the big country of compatriots state of mind also matures gradually, it is as much be able to appear on athletics sports, on Beijing Olympic Games, a batch by before Chinese fine athlete teachs " foreign army group " appear, constituted very big menace to advantage project of China, showed however to this compatriots exceeding understanding and good-tempered. The American daughter that Lang Ping leads eliminated to be in with contend of Chinese women's volleyball when, american had unexpectedly advocate the feeling of field! Approve to this when Nie Weiping abroad when getting military content to have veiled word quite, the netizen of 90% above, to Ceng Shouhui of this one's early years the China at Japanese chess player " chess emperor " thinking, "Before still staying in 30 years " , and feel unimaginably queer!
Reach the other from this, athletics sports is such, trade war is why such? Are we to be in all the time can you earn with the enterprise " foreign money " be flourish? Do his utmost then ground of agitate enterprise try every means " go " .
2001, versatile group buys American accept Si Dake to appear on the market with inferior value company UAI, look forward to of the countryman in was being initiated is bought abroad appear on the market the beginning of the company, at present universal has his company in 8 countries such as the United States, become the international such as general, Ford top-ranking and truckload the enterprise of collaboration of form a complete set of the factory.
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