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Colourful world of ethical brand Jing: Yi Li " Olympic Games milk " appear " civ
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On September 5, close to the combination such as branch is cheated to sponsor inside the meeting by trade of government of people of city of Inner Mongolia Huhhot, China " trade fair of 2008 China nation " heavy curtain is pulled open in Huhhot. Regard our country as the delegate of prominent nation company, yi interest group carries Yilijin easy of nutrition of benefit of allusion grandma, Yi changes a grandma to wait " Olympic Games product " ginseng exhibit, be in exhibit got during the meeting of each country delegacy chase after hold in both hands. This also is Yi Li after product afterwards Olympic Games, be in again exhibit worldwidely appear on the meeting.
It is reported, "Chinese nation trade fair " (abbreviation " civilian hand in meeting " ) it is our country each nation one of important windows that outstanding commodity and traditional handicraft face the world, to enlarging the world influence of ethical goods brand, the further progress of stimulative nation economy has important strategic sense. Held last year first civilian hand in on the meeting, home saves city municipality 31 times, harbor, bay, ginseng of mesa area all is met. Traveler of nearly 10 thousand many 1500 nearly 100 delegacy of the country such as country of Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, England, United States, Italy, enterprise, business attends a meeting look around. See total number nearly 200 thousand person-time, trade amount makes an appointment with 2.2 billion yuan.

End in the Olympic Games only 10 Yu Tian hind, "Olympic Games wind " also swept across this second exhibit meeting. Yiliji is round " Jin Dian organic grandma " , " Shu Hua suckles nutrition " etc " Olympic Games product " became this second exhibit the largest window of the meeting. Ark is exhibited roundly in Yiliji by, will negotiate before the station became full the guest of China and foreign countries that seek advice. After allusion suckles the Yilijin that commodity has tasted the milkings distribute of a Russia to exhibit ark to go up, agitato says: "Before coming to China, I hear China has a Yi Li group. Last year in March, be in ' Russia China year ' on, beijing of general of the president before Yiliji's round product got Russia and each are big of media praise. Very glad today to can the opportunity comes to China, with this great Chinese milkings company communicates face-to-face. Product quality of Yi Li is completely OK compete with world milkings tycoon, the hope can create more opportunities to cooperate after us. The hope can create more opportunities to cooperate after us..

According to introducing, those who regard China as lacteal industry get army person, yi interest group devotes oneself to to drive China to breed course of study moves toward balance, healthy, rationalize to develop all the time. 2007, the strategy that Yi interest group took the lead in having product structure upgrades, on original basis, promote the business of the product such as milk powder, cold drink specific gravity considerably, the important transition that began to have strategic sense to whole industry and with structure of industry of international milk estate conform, early or late research and development was rolled out " Shu Hua suckles nutrition " , " Jin Dian organic grandma " , " LGG yoghurt " etc a series of " Olympic Games product " . As exclusive one accords with Olympic Games standard, provide the company of dairy produce for the Olympic Games, during the Olympic Games, more than 1000 6 10 thousand athletes that Yi interest group lets come from 204 countries and area again and high official of more than 80 each country sampled China makes " the world is the most high quality " . The Olympic Games became Yi Li's best character to endorse then.
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