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Wrap " capital cotton-padded jacket " Gu Yuelong Shan Shaoxing appears on the ma
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This year first half of the year, growth of profit of net of the ancient hill that jump over dragon was achieved 552% breathtaking. Accompanying this number, it is in current money constrictive, foreign currency devalues, of macroscopical adjusting control " hibernate " below economic environment, large quantities of traditional production businesses step forward dimension difficult, reluctance props up live predicament.

It is traditional manufacturing industry together, why can ancient Yue Longshan be in against the wind is the awaken of spring abundant? Effect of development innovation, brand, capital is managed... a series of answers are standard answer. However, if again forth date from, we perhaps can find a most ultimate solution -- capital. Rich ability innovates, rich ability starts a shop sign, rich ability is in capital market with small wrestle big. 10 years ago, as Chinese yellow rice or millet wine when ancient Yue Longshan the first identity is built on capital " warship " , perhaps fly upwards for its against the wind now bury played a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story.

Stand on the fulcrum of capital

Shareholder Laozhang, "Ancient Yue Longshan " the firm hold of the stock person. "10 years, I all the time hold it. It brings every 10 every year to send 2 yuan favourable redound for me. " look in Laozhang, the reason of trustful ancient Yue Longshan is very simple: Walking along a stability all the time and the development route of innovation.

And in Dongbi of ancient Yue Longshan Zhou Juan flower looks, all large investment, great progress, big innovation, old thinking, cannot leave a word -- money. As we have learned, appear on the market 10 years, capital of collect of the ancient hill that jump over dragon already amounted to 8 many. These 8 are much, be like the new blood with constant in a steady stream, assured the thrive of the enterprise.

"Be like the first pace of an industry revolution, also be us what stride to contemporary company from traditional business is solid one pace. " a day that before teach of person of door of palm of the ancient hill that jump over dragon builds Wei to be described so 10 years -- on May 16, 1997, "Ancient Yue Longshan " appear on the market successfully.

Everything is changed from now on.

1998, the hand grasps the gas end the ancient Yue Longshan of a large number of capital to be added suddenly, at the same time mount a horse 40 thousand tons " double add " project (strengthen the technology is innovated and accelerate equipment to transform) , the center of technology of provincial yellow rice or millet wine that establishs countrywide only with collaboration of Changjiang Delta university at the same time -- Chinese carry on starts center of technology of yellow rice or millet wine. 2002, carry out fill of asepsis of 5000 tons of technical reformation of 5000 tons of simple unripe yellow rice or millet wine, yellow rice or millet wine to install technical reformation and 30 thousand tons of yellow rice or millet wine early or late again project of Chen Hua technical reformation, produce can fast dilate.
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