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The first food: Large stockholder is added hold showing confidence to develop ex
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The first food this year movement again and again, but in the newspaper shows however, its the sales volume first half of the year did not go up to be decreased instead, a variety of data reflect a company to enter a bottleneck period in the sale growth inside Shanghai. The expert inside course of study thinks, the company should grow further, must strong thrust is sold into exterior market. The absolutely control force that achieves pair of Jiang Zhehu markets by area bibcock, move toward countrywide market stage by stage again.

Large stockholder is added hold indication hope

Announcement weighed the first food on September 4, accuse a partner Shanghai smoke sugar group (next weighing: Smoke sugar group) announcement opposes the first provision at passing 2 class market to add on September 3 two million seven hundred and eighty-three thousand four hundred, add group of sugar of the smoke before holding oppose a scale for 31.73% , add a scale is opposed after holding for 32.49% . The share that at the same time the group represents to plan to pass 2 class market to hold the first food not to exceed 2% with exceeding 18 yuan price to add inside 1 year (contain Bencizeng to hold) .

On August 29, company and business of 100 couplet group exceed career ministry to develop property of yellow rice or millet wine further, active compose builds industrial collaboration platform, the advantage that produces both sides adequately to wait for a respect in network, channel, brand, product signs agreement of strategic collaboration framework.

On August 25, announcement of progress of infuse of asset of announcement of the first food says, company and accused a wine of smoke of partner sugar industry to was signed on July 31, 2008 " the confirmation of property complete a business transaction that recombines plan about carrying out major asset " . End announcement shows day, place experience company already all finished the industrial and commercial registering procedures that partner changes; The first grocer of company branch company inn, the relevant asset of wholesale branch and foreign trade business and formalities of indebted complete a business transaction already ended at be the same as day to deal with; This second buy gives capital fund relevant brand makes over formalities to be being dealt with in.

Guo Taijun installs analyst Hu Chunxia, Hong Ting to think, group this add hold the interest that integrated group and company further, made clear a group to support a company to make the determination that does business of strong yellow rice or millet wine greatly. The first food after recombining becomes professional yellow rice or millet wine to produce a business, the group expresses to be in before this recombine the business of yellow rice or millet wine that the company expands the key after finishing, strive to make the first provision into company of national bibcock of yellow rice or millet wine.

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