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Golden China wine, earnestly needs protection rescue!
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The State Council approves ham of craft of brew of Jiang Jinhua wine, Jin Hua to make craft wait include national level directory of immaterial culture bequest. This is the affirmation of two traditional craft that the country leaves to ancestor of our Jin Hua. Protective important task falls on the shoulder of current gold Chinese, allow to weigh and the path is far. Especially golden China wine, already was in by the endangered condition of annihilation, earnestly needs to issue great strength to undertake protective rescue.

The history: Effulgent

May 1996, I ever went to Beijing library ancient books ministry, consult the historical literature of wine of concerned Jin Hua.

The wooden block-printed edition that what check above all is yuan of acting Song Bairen " wine Xiaoshi " , this book collects name of 14 kinds of wine, platoon of wine of Jin Hua of golden China government office is in the 6th. Then, imprint in stone again this a series of books " Ji of Bao Yantang secret " in when checking bright generation Feng, change compile " wine history " . This book in all 6, collected method of the sort of wine, raw material, brew, producing area in some detail, and the ode of poetic word song that celebrity judges wine is passed wait for content, it is the monograph of the first more complete concerned wine of our country. Among them " all wine names are added " , account has the name of 12 kinds of wine, carry bright " Jin Hua wine, jin Hua government office builds Zhejiang. Close when Jing Shijia Shang Yuyun: Wine of advance word Jin Hua, go Zun Chuanwen " . Show golden China wine already was known as word, wine, chess, article at that time 4 absolutely medium a special skill and praise full capital. And be in " wine Xiaoshi " with " wine history " in these two history, do not have Maotai already, more without Shaoxing rice wine.

In the meantime, there also is the account of golden China wine more in literary work and medical monograph. Such as " wine history " in the name of the Li Bai of Tang Dynasty poet of account piece " make in the guest " have: "Tulip of orchid hill beautiful wine, jade bowl fills Lai Hupo light. But make host can drunk guest, knowing where is an alien land! " Li Shizhen of cure of bright generation name is in " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " medium explanation has: "Dong Yang wine namely Jin Hua wine, gu Lanling also. " published by world publishing house 1935 " Chinese medicine learns big lexicon " about Dong Yang wine only say: Dong Yang wine, original name gold China wine; Name: This tasting namely what Jin Hua produces Zhejiang, ancient name; Property: Gan Xin is avirulent; Advocate treat: With make all fine drug. " golden bottle plum " have 13 times more, keep Jin Hua alcoholic drink 19 times directly, become a scholar to argue one of main basises that who this book author is. Bright, clear two generation in a lot of famous book, once gave the record and narrate of cash China wine for many times, some wine weighing short for Zhejiang Province, south wine of wine, Jin Hua government office, also have say Dong Yang wine, birthday gives birth to wine of wine, wrongly written or mispronounced character to wait.
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