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5 grain fluid: With group of 5 grain fluid 10 years " mandatory " the relation i
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5 grain fluid and mandatory enterprise the relation between group of 5 grain fluid, urgently li is clear. In Chinese liquor kind appear on the market in the company, resemble 5 grain fluid without such, produce so tremendous correlation every year to trade with the group.

On September 5, of 5 grain fluid control a partner -- book of Yu Ming of trustee of fluid of president of management limited company of state-owned property of appropriate guest city, 5 grain, first straight face doubt. When accepting special report of our newspaper reporter, book of more than inscription says, group to appearing on the market the control advantageous position of the company is jumped over big, easier generation correlation trades.

Mandatory 10 years

Everything is gotten from 5 grain fluid " labyrinthian " one's life experience speaks of. 5 grain fluid although be born out of at group of 5 grain fluid, it is however between its and latter " mandatory manage " relation.

Go up century 90 time, state of appropriate guest city bureau of a endowment bureau is this city Bureau of Finance only 2 class. Cannot act as as a result of the institution legal person part, endowment bureau changes state of appropriate guest city make for " state of appropriate guest city endowment company " . Make those who be appropriate guest municipal government cast financing platform, include 5 grain juice inside city vassal state has a company, was delimited come over.

Be this, 5 grain fluid and group are renunciative. "Did not delimit group of 5 grain fluid come over, because,be, 5 grain fluid is come off by the high grade asset of the group come out to appear on the market, and appear on the market the company wants normative managing to take the lead in. " beyond say.

Introduce according to its, 1998, when 5 grain fluid appears on the market, encounter those who come from a group not little resistance. "A lot of people are not agreed with, afraid joint-stock company comes off after coming out, the group is small to his hegemony force " , "But because be driven in the province, 5 grain fluid appeared on the market smoothly. 5 grain fluid appeared on the market smoothly..

To this, personage explanation weighs interior of 5 grain fluid, appear on the market as a result of 5 grain fluid early, have 80 million only issue the forehead to spend, so, only the asset of 1/3 enters brewery of 5 grain fluid appear on the market company. And " now, whole group has 15000 people, the someone else of the group also wants to have a meal! " as opposite as this, the Lu city old cellar or pit for storing things that appears on the market later (000568) , it is major asset hit include to appear on the market company.

Book of more than inscription thinks, as a result of the bequeath problem when appearing on the market, left the snake in the grass that a large number of correlation trade. After 5 grain fluid appears on the market, put under of group of 5 grain fluid the state of appropriate guest city that holds water later endowment appoint management, become its wholy-owned subsidiary.
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