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1000 bottles of false Maotai are put on " concealed body garment "
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Tibet is in " blessing full cellar " sale in domestic market of the box that pack is gone to the each district outside the province, hua Xi industrial and commercial bureau makes this false shelter feature demolish

A bottle of bottle ' blessing full cellar ' wine is placed, outer packing box one avulsion, showed the outer packing of Maotai. This is not to playing magic, spend brook area yesterday however the case that industrial and commercial substation hunts down an especially big false Maotai to make a nest nod in village of dam of countryside of small green jade.

The spot hunts down 930 bottles of Maotai of common finished product, maotai of 15 years of old wine 33 bottles, 30 years of old wine 19 bottles, 50 years of old wine 6 bottles. In addition, the Maotai prince alcoholic drink that still fill has been installed 792 bottles, preliminary estimate valuation is worth hundred thousands of yuan.

Yesterday, industrial and commercial substation receives Hua Xi masses is informed against say, in village of dam of countryside of small green jade the somebody inside an a house owned by a citizen makes false wine in manufacturing fill. Execute the law after personnel knows clear case, hurry to the spot instantly.

Industrial and commercial personnel knocks in the courtyard of a house owned by a citizen that entered this two layer buildings, in the building " live guest " the door that air of make use of basked in the name of the dress to lock up 2 buildings into house, industrial and commercial personnel waited more than 10 minutes to still do not see a person come out outside, in the meantime, smell a powerful wine flavour, decide to enter a room forcibly at once.

The reporter sees, the product line of this false wine of the spot includes gland plane, outer packing machine, make a machine, the machine equipment such as sealing machine, on the long table inside the room, shipshape the Maotai bottle that putting more than 100 to still do not have fill of there's still time to install, cap, the label that prevent bogus is waited a moment, piling up in first floor 10 pails of 100 jins of outfit medicinal powder liquor, 3 person that make a holiday are undertaking the production of false Maotai is packed.

A person that make a holiday says they began to produce false wine March from this year, but the manufacturing record that finds from spot of industrial and commercial personnel looks, the record above is the earliest be in November 2007. The person that make a holiday is explained, they are ordered through the network wait for means to sell false wine past Beijing and other places.

The amount that this shelter feature produces is large, it is to sell each district of past whole nation, be afraid of industrial and commercial investigate with public security mechanism? Original, false Maotai still has " appearance " -- blessing full cellar, want an outer packing of blessing full cellar only box one avulsion, show the outer packing of Maotai.
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