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5 grain fluid carries the line that builds the course of study that send wine to
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A few days ago, initiate by advisory body of trade of operation of brand of 5 grain fluid, Inc. of 5 grain fluid is sponsorred, Xiamen builds hair Inc. whole course assist conference of trade advisory body is in the operation of brand of 5 grain fluid that run establish hair tourism group subordinate Shan Yuehua hotel holds Wu Yi.
This conference advisory body of trade of operation of brand of 5 grain fluid 28 members afterwards on August 24, 2007 the 4th plenary session since first time conference, bencihui discusses thematic fixed position to be " motion, healthy, grow " , height of industry of liquor of China of with a view to, be aimed at in recent years, liquor is below the setting that the market share of red wine, foreign wine, beer enlarges ceaselessly, and the market share of liquor and position also were encountered ceaselessly by challenge and alcohol agency, agent plum the challenge of ghost, false wine, copy risks a product, pretend to be VI of brand of agency, abuse, the figure of agency of consumer dialogue wine stays in the reality in the booth archives of the disorder in terminal market from beginning to end, discuss the healthy figure of heavy model liquor and liquor industry to wait for relevant task.
Wine water industry of China grows today, already was after many change. Come more than 20 years, come nearly 10 years especially, the change quickly of development it may be said of business of Chinese wine line of business, one batch approves development of outstanding land of industry health high speed, as much one approve batch of enterprises to cannot find an outlet absently; Still have a few companies transitory, already became overblown blossoms-things that are stale and no longer of interest; the industry image with a what kind of maturity and health does wine water industry of China appear? On the road that grow, is on oneself company construction liquor produced as enterprise or business as sale what still needs to strengthen with improve? The road admiral that liquor industry is growing should be encountered and these will think.
As first time session secret heart of the candy in Jiangsu of deputy regimental commander mixes the advisory body that the election produces wine kind whole journey of president of sale limited company Mr Zhangwei chaired this meeting, gain and loss of the success or failure in discussing liquor industry to develop a process jointly with all adviser and health of prospective liquor industry develop a tendency.
Reach 24 days morning afternoon before half is sessional, the brand promotion of the enterprise of thematic connection oneself that all adviser grow with respect to health of liquor industry future with recommending the spokesman's form in group and transmission, made company core competition ability, Olympic Games and brand promotion publish wonderful theme to make a speech, adviser attending the meeting is full of thought and foreknown speech to postpone the meeting to ceaselessly another climax.
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