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Bright milk industry: Shanghai star state-owend enterprise recombines conformity
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Grail walks out of sound foundation to rebound now prices, although point to break up merely red, but present general to go up pattern. From go up a house before in light of the circumstance, subject matter exceed with low drop be in go up a front row, shanghai this locality because world rich is met,notional whole is behaved active, many this locality harden board, give priority to with bottom harden among them, report gives capital to be opposite Shanghai this locality take turns hype. A respect, this locality that suggests investor pays close attention to the near future to lag behind.

An actual combat -- bright milk industry (600597) .

Bright milk industry (600597) is enterprise of bibcock of industry of our country milk, the company has center of the world's top-ranking milkings research and development, Dairy Equipment and advanced milkings treatment technology, formed disinfection grandma, last the series product such as beverage of cheese of grandma of grandma, yoghurt, ultra-high-temperature sterilizing, milk powder, butter, fruit juice, it is one of businesses of home's at present massest dairy produce production, sale. China belongs to market of the milkings on the world to grow one of the swiftest states, prospective company grows prospect very value.

Company be subordinate to belongs to group of big bright food. Bright food (group) limited company, include bright provision among them (group) limited company, Shanghai farming is industrial and commercial (group) wine of smoke of sugar industry of limited company, Shanghai (group) limited company and international of bright and beautiful river (group) industry of limited company food is relevant asset. All the time since, by Shanghai country endowment appoint take the lead establish " Daguangming " the integrated process of the group suffers the market to pay close attention to with respect to equipment. Arrowroot person of outstanding talent ever showed bright group vice president, according to the long-term goal with bright food fixed group, will come to was thrown 2009 2007 9 billion undertake buying, annex and integrated job. We anticipate, regard group company as subordinate and principal subsidiary, bright milk industry (600597) future will face integrated chance.

On 2 class market, this near future is dark adjust, index of short line technology exceeds badly sell, was in 5 yuan a few days ago around obtain prop up strong; Consume bibcock enterprise of the concept as Shanghai, continue space of be issued to lower levels is limited, city hopeful follows Shanghai this locality after hype upsurge is walked out of fill go up prices, suggest short line pays close attention to.

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