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Kingdom spring: It is better that future of 5 grains fluid is met only
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Be in charge in group of 5 grain fluid kingdom of 22 years spring, face have 19 stature companies at present, involve 14 trades, income of the industry that be not wine has achieved the 5 grain fluid of a few, he resolutely say: "The development of 5 grain fluid is insufficient still. "The development of 5 grain fluid is insufficient still..

Nowadays, the founder of myth of fluid of this 5 grain is guiding 5 grain fluid to begin a flight the 2nd times.

Generalize lifetime: 12 words are sufficient

"With long for true, collect miscellaneous Cheng Chun, suffering is fought from the circle. " be in in him appearance 5 grain fluid when these 22 years, regnal Chun Jian uses 12 words oddly to generalize.

The kingdom that study machinery makes spring, it is a typical the Eclectics. Took up the post of factory director of brewery of 5 grain fluid to arrive 1985 now, hit in 5 grain fluid went all out full 22 years, let what 5 grain fluid became Chinese white spirit from a small winery get army enterprise, and he, it is him fixed position handler of a profession however, hit 60 minutes to oneself only, state oneself just just pass a test,examination,etc. .

Already passed " ear is suitable " year kingdom spring, still busying in 5 grain fluid, he is used " in the morning ' dry of buccal dry tongue ' , afternoon ' dazzling ' " the condition when describe oneself to work, and true can quiet to come down to rest when, he likes to listen to a radio, the reason is need not the eye looks, need not mouth says, ability is loosened.

But kingdom spring did not stop all the time however the reflection of futures of pair of 5 grain fluid. "The competition of liquor industry is very intense, 5 grain fluid was developing so much after year, still need farther reform. " and he hopes, the employee of 5 grain fluid can have tenacious vitality like celestial being ball.

Surmount a victory: Accomplish 5 grain fluid the trade the first

The development of 5 grain fluid 2007 is very rapid, according to 2007 year " China is the most valuable brand " research evaluates a report to show, value of brand of 5 grain fluid breaks through 40 billion yuan, become Chinese food industry 13 years to have value brand most continuously, and 95% what the export volume of 5 grain fluid occupies countrywide name to actor or actress liquor speaks a volume, let the world know 5 grain fluid of China truly. But it is under such aureola, kingdom spring expresses however, 5 grain fluid still needs more effort.

In March 2007, 5 grain fluid begins channel revolution, announce to will be used 5 years time investment is huge endowment undertake terminal channel is built, brand shop will expand 2000 are controlled, and at the same time, the road of brand of wine of the price in also beginning 5 grain fluid to make. "We fall in contractive banner child brand, execute ' 1 9 8 ' the brand is politic, namely brand of a world-class, 9 national brands, the method of 8 regional brands, yield 5 grain juice the productivity of 400 thousand kiloliter satisfies the production after adjusting. " kingdom spring expresses so, brand of the price in waiting lets the 5 grain alcohol that the hope can issue standard of 5 grain fluid, old mill more consumer are known and be accepted.
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