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Practice of Shenzhen of wine cellar of wine of power Ma poem
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On August 30, by power Ma poem international trade (Shenzhen) of limited company operation " wine cellar of wine of power Ma poem " Yu Andong Shenzhen is formal practice.  

Power Ma poem international trade (Shenzhen) limited company is dedicated install high-grade vintner trade formerly at the entrance the professional operation enterprise of current domain, the Shenzhen of vinous of brand of place of business of top class wine that has the state such as France, Italy, Chile, Spain, Portuguese, south Africa, Australia, New Zealand total dealership and international are super the quota of renown village wine.

In the meantime, power Ma poem international trade (Shenzhen) limited company cent sells a network to enclothe large sell wine shop of class of field, star, business affairs wine of bar of evening show of meeting place, entertainment, meal, smoke all sorts of course of study such as the shop the terminal sale channel of voice.

Introduce according to company president Yan Zesong, power Ma poem plans to be opened in Shenzhen this year 5, poem of 10 power Ma is self-supporting store of image of red wine brand. The independent character topic that covers the throughout the country in order to build " Wine Mall " network of professional battalion transport is a target, let consumer can enjoy sexual price to compare highest high-quality goods wine, also build heaven of a bishop for broad consumer at the same time.

Origin: Newspaper of wine of an ancient name for China