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Collect a source and buy case other one side: Amount to can of China " crossroad
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In collect a source and buy in the case, amount to the part that can act to hold the balance. Because amount to,this is not just can serve as the 2nd large stockholder that collects a source or can gigantic endowment set now. According to saying, amounting to can be this likely the pen trades only then the person that make tomb figure.

Amount to why can you choose to exit? Amount to what strategy can you implement in China?

Group of the 3rd big food is in this Europe that comes from France China " and battle and retreat " . Once collect a source to be approved by Department of Commerce, amount to can be about to with the excessive price of 3 times, sell a fruit juice that collect a source (the share of 01886.HK)22.98% .

And before this, its also child breaths out body defect and another co-worker to with a ha be as long as one year the dispute of half. Think the result that appears the most likely is generally, amount to after can selling Zong Qing its share or tripartite, set leave now.

Be in England " economics person " in the eye, amount to can global strategy altogether has 3 points, among them the first is, alive bound each district buys local outstanding brand extensively, execute mainland to change, much brand strategy. The 2nd, it is to abandon ceaselessly brim product and benefit not the enterprise of beautiful.

Be in China, amount to can with the precursor identity that entered 1987, more apolaustic consist in in its blood " buy gene " , invested the enterprise of native land bibcock of industry of all milkings, beverage almost.

But it is nearly 9 years, amount to can buy encountered wall of a China it seems that with dilate. Be in " the industry is safe " or " nationalism " under appearance, the young acerbity years that indigenous industry had walked out of capital of one's early years and technical shortage, commercial interest increasingly arousal, amount to what can be in China to buy concentration then " sell piece " level.

Fan Yimou is in when facing medium, did not admit to amount to what can be in China to shrink back, emphasize its however " still take seriously " Chinese market. But in with a ha breath out with child, Meng Niu, bright, after collecting a source to part company, amount to whether can still you have appropriate prey?

Apparent, this has covered showing European wealthy person for the most part, the difficult problem of crossroad type was encountered in China. Or, the road that continues to buy, but must want more apace " shuffle " and " change a shop sign " . Or, take the route of other transnational corporation, regard China as a processing factory, but must control food in place raw material.

Pondering over the person of this problem, should include to amount to can Fan Yimou of Asian division president, what still perhaps have it is highest steer a boat the cloth in the person.

Joint-stock enter bureau

In initial stage of reforming and opening, decide yield, not be investment direction or method, however opportunity.
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