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Snowflake (Hu Lunbei Er) sewage day handles 2000 tons
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Beer of China embellish snowflake (Hu Lunbei Er) Yu Changyuan develops company base oneself upon, the enterprise invests capital in succession since April 2007 9.3 million yuan are used at building sewage disposal project, all previous classics 1 year of time of 3 0 months, this project begins to undertake debugging at rising on July 1, 2008. Current, the processing capability of this sewage plant already achieved day to handle 2000 tons.

Hua Runxue is beautiful (Hu Lunbei Er) Li Yuling of company vise general manager says: "After classics of this sewage treatment plant debugs complete, day handles ability to will achieve 4000 tons or so stage by stage, but press current manufacturing sewage discharge capacity, day processing capability should achieve 1500 tons only enough, but develop long-termly later to consider a company, raised sewage disposal to lay in ability. Raised sewage disposal to lay in ability..

Current, each index achieves national level requirement basically already, waiting to be checked and accept about the branch.

Origin: " newspaper of wine of an ancient name for China "