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Qingdao beer: Eliminate acceptance of Yingbo of the crisis that be bought " do n
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The potential menace that Qingdao beer is bought by Ying Bo was eliminated. Yesterday, qingdao beer releases announcement to say, already on September 5 with Ying Bo, A-B (100 power parent company, of share of green Pi of the hold before be being bought 27% ) , green Pi group signs an agreement, before Ying Bo will continue to fulfill A-B " do not add hold " agreement.

"Acceptance of flower rich respect is added no longer hold, meet what continuance A-B place fulfills. " yesterday morning, zhang Xueju of green Pi Dong Bi says simply. Actually, to green Pi, since two months after Qian Yingbo announces to buy A-B, a heart was hanged rise. Because be in,take over green Pi after the equity of 27% , of Ying Bo and group of large stockholder green Pi hold than be being differred only 3.56% .

Equity issue results from green Pi 6 years ago bring endowment. In October 2002, lying the green Pi of difficulty period gives A-B the equity sell one's own things of 27% with every 4.68 yuan price. At that time, to prevent to accuse fall by equity, both sides signed " a gentleman's agreement " : Namely A-B is not added hold, the brand of Qingdao beer also cannot be lost.

However, when also be being bought when him A-B, at the outset that agreement also lost a sense. Green Pi respect expresses, the company pays close attention to this incident height, communicate actively with A-B company, Ying Bo. And as facilitate at that time bring endowment conclusive character, country of annals of green Pi president gold says when accepting our newspaper to interview, the company has method to be not bought. Eventually, on September 5, ying Bo signed termless reach irrevocable acceptance, agree with the agreement of continuance A-B company, a potential crisis dispelled Chinese beer industry.

Current, of Ying Bo and A-B amalgamative still wait for perform a procedure rear can finish finally, new company will have the whole world the beer market share of 1/4.

Origin: New capital newspaper