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[Beg] brew raw material
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Line of business of wine of comrade-in-arms of Sichuan appropriate guest limited company is located in 10 thousand lis of the Yangtse River the first city -- appropriate guest, elegant say " wine " .

Of famed whole nation and even world " 5 grain fluid " birthplace of pioneer of wine trade group. As history of appropriate guest brew long, comrade-in-arms wine line of business limited company is rising abruptly, at present the company has powerful production high grade former wine ability, employee 200 much people, among them administrator 18, in personnel of the advanced brew, technology that tick off wine 16 people. The product has the honor to win province classics for many times appoint, light industrial hall, outside classics appoint wait for award of first prize of unit quality appraise through comparison, gold prize, innovation, 2003 " comrade-in-arms affection " wine has the honor to win Chinese liquor famous sincere letter brand, and by birthday of Chairman Mao Zedong organizing committee of art exhibition of 110 years of books is appointed for the activity exclusive and special wine.

My company is the supply of safeguard brew raw material, all the year round cash buys the brew raw material such as corn, rice, wheaten, sorghum, polished glutinous rice (price range is discussed, cash settle accounts) , greeting incoming telegram negotiates! To the station: Guest of Chengdu bureau appropriate stands.

  Line of business of wine of comrade-in-arms of Sichuan appropriate guest contact of   of   of   of limited company   : Week manager address: Middle of road of spaceflight of south bank of guest of appropriate of Sichuan of Sichuan appropriate guest 17 postcodes: Phone of 644002: Email of 0831-5104345: Homepage of company of Scybzyjy@126.com: Http://www.foodszs.com/member/ ? Idxhj0332