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Line of business of wine of in relief area of river of Lu state city develops po
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One, the current situation

River in relief area has alcoholic drink kind production runs a company many 110, advocate battalion brand 100 many. Implementation of industry of liquor of whole 2006 area produces gross forty thousand three hundred tons, grow 83.18% compared to the same period; Sell gross thirty-seven thousand one hundred tons, , grow 131.88% compared to the same period; Taxes of put in storage 33.56 million yuan, grow 52.55% compared to the same period; New settle enterprise 12, investment amounts to 82.5 million yuan.

2, target

2010, produce per year implementation liquor 160 thousand tons, sales revenue 2.3 billion yuan, taxes of put in storage 230 million yuan. Achieved yield 2007 60 thousand tons, sales revenue 600 million yuan, taxes of put in storage 50 million yuan, restore, build, use liquor cellar pool 1300.

3, policy measure

It is compose builds 3 development platform. Base of two liquor production and Changjiang Delta light industry develop brook of water transport of plan and construction, Shi Liang the 500 mus food inside the area machines brew base, make wine already aid grow extremely, compose builds wine line of business to develop platform.

2 it is to make division of good 0EM garden actively 2 period project place needs land supply works and one, 2 period the harmonious job that project infrastructure builds, carry out actively " policy of land of one province or county enlosed by that of another " , begin capital attraction work extensively.

3 it is to build government and leader of old cellar high level to meet system, strive for old cellar group actively to give line of business of wine of Jiang Yang area more support.

4 it is to accelerate perfect wine line of business to develop to raise money and use method of fund, line of business of wine of complement of year after year grows fund. The plan is compensatory this year line of business of 10 million wine grows fund, attain 30 million yuan of scale.

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