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Line of business of wine of Sichuan accept brook develops policy
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One, the current situation

Accept brook area achieves yield 6 years 21 thousand tons, achieve sales revenue 302 million yuan, taxes of turn over to the higher authorities 18 million yuan. Existing wine kind enterprise 31, among them, 6 of enterprise of dimensions be includinged. Group of trade of Hua Ming wine has product line 7, productivity already was achieved produce per year 22 thousand tons, achieve yield 6 years twelve thousand six hundred tons. In addition, the business that productivity obtains 1000 tons of above has 4 the home, 100 tons, 500 tons enterprise has 6. Whole area has cellar pool 1060, among them, cellar age is in of 20 years of above have 560. Have alcoholic drink kind brand 10 many, old cellar or pit for storing things of name of old cellar of hill of main brook having the cloud, Kang Qingfang, drunk Long Tan, boat, Lu, god-given happy match.

2, target

To 2010, whole area wine kind product productivity will achieve 80 thousand tons (among them group of trade of Hua Ming wine 40 thousand tons) , sale of implementation production value, income 1.5 billion yuan, realize taxes 100 million yuan. Exert oneself implantation 3, on 5 production value, sales revenue 100 million yuan key enterprise and 3, 5 well-known trademarks, the growth that makes brew industry becomes economy of accept brook region to develop extremely. In the meantime, according to the requirement of seat of government of municipal Party committee, city, guide have inside the area pack the enterprise that stick a card to garrison line of business of Lu city wine expands a division centrally, move product line and facilities of storage tank storage especially the area that be stationed in garden, vacate more space production of development radical wine. 2007, predict productivity of product of whole area wine amounts to 36398 tons, achieve sales revenue 342 million yuan, realize taxes 21.6 million yuan, build cellar pool 600.

3, policy measure

1, improve quality, make a brand. Right new the award that wins product of famous brand of Chinese well-known logo, China 80 thousand yuan, right new the award that wins product of Sichuan remnant famous brand 30 thousand yuan.

2, policy gives aid to, rewards and punishment is funny hard.
It is capital gives aid to, every is built, the extend, alcoholic drink that resumes production kind enterprise, annual pay taxes is in of 500 thousand yuan of above, actually pay revenue exceeds 2006 wine of accept brook area kind the local income share that the enterprise presses turn over to the higher authorities of effective tax rate, give by the finance is the same as class that be benefited return still. Build, extend wine kind manufacturing company and fixed assets invests to be in the enterprise of 500 thousand yuan of above in ratal of 2 million yuan of above, annual, press the first year according to amount of company base loan by area finance 100% give pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange. Area finance establishs 5 million yuan " wine kind the property is current develop fund " , build liquor to produce platform of financing of company circulating fund.
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