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Line of business of wine of Sichuan Lu county develops policy
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One, the current situation

Entire county has alcoholic drink kind production runs a company 191, among them productivity wine kind enterprise 163, already dealt with what countrywide industry product produces licence to have 103, rank whole town the first, be equivalent to saving the total of city partly. Music wine kind manufacturing cellar pool 4250, ditty wine 126 buckets, music wine former wine is produced can thirteen thousand five hundred, ditty wine former wine is produced can 8867 tons, producible treatment is new-style wine 80 thousand tons; Mechanical, half mechanization fill holds product line 28, year fill acts liquor capacity 100 thousand tons; Professional of science and technology 1328 people. 42 enterprises or individual are had " long-standing friendship " , " nature is sweet " , " Lu river " , " China beautiful wine " , " plain tribute king " , " mellow spring " wait for registered trade mark 136. Last year, entire county wine kind the company is real crop 4.8 tons, realize production value 450 million yuan, 6.3% what hold gross value of industrial output, taxes of implementation put in storage 33 million yuan, 11% what take income of sex of entire county taxation, 8.6% what take finance income. In entire county in business of 85 dimensions industry, wine kind the enterprise has 15, occupy 17.6% , wine kind the pillar industry that already made Lu county.

2, target

Achieve yield this year 70 thousand tons, sales revenue 650 million yuan, taxes 50 million yuan, profit tax amount 100 million yuan. To 2011, entire county wine kind industrial crop achieves 200 thousand tons, production value 2.7 billion yuan, sales revenue 2.5 billion yuan, profit tax amount 300 million yuan; Breed 3, wine of 5 provincial above kind famous brand product and provincial and famous label; Make large county of industry of Chinese high grade liquor. Strive 2011, breed 10 to produce per year liquor 5 5000 tons mainstay business, industry groups that produce per year on liquor 10 thousand tons.

3, policy measure

1, land policy. Implement the policy using the land of agile diversity, every ability changes or join the alcoholic drink that be stationed in newly kind enterprise, can use sell one's own things, evaluate to become a shareholder wait for means, preferential and contented its use the land.

2, duty expends policy. The wine that is stationed in Lu county to be being entered newly kind enterprise, the sun from put into production rises, after enterprise income tax presses pay of national revenue policy, the place stays into the part by allowance of sum of the finance that be the same as class after 3 years, again halve is accessorial 2 years; The cost of plan of administrative career sex that increases fixed assets construction newly to hand in stays prefectural part sum to return still.

3, begin from this year, prefectural finance plans 2 million yuan of fund every year, use at rewarding wine kind the industry grows award, add devoted, excellent service brand of large family of carry out of key liquor company, unripe produce and sale, pay taxes large family, innovation, newly to wait to will win heavy award.
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