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Foreign capital of clairvoyant wine line of business is bought
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Liquor buys a times who is cheese foreign capital of triple wave buys a height to form afterwards 2004 beer industry and after wine industry was bought 2005, foreign capital of triple wave buys a height to forming industry of our country liquor, be in the pattern that an a large number of heroes chases the deer-fight for the throne. Liquor market has been managed from the product entered a brand to manage period the last few years, the growth rate of enterprise of bibcock of our country liquor all maintains in 30% the left and right sides.

A lot of high end wine kind product gross profit all exceeds 7 to become, the wool interest rate of product of well lane high price also is faced in 66% above and buy this " rainstorm " advent, best defence is aggression, should accomplish " with the wolf in all dance " , let market rule of enterprise comply with.

7 years, liquor industry of China, a foreign capital " inbreak battle " prelusive pulling open slowly.

Yajiouyin is emperor of tycoon of foreign wine of afterwards the beginning of the year to control well lane secondhand the share of 16.64% and become its after the 2nd large stockholder, in May the middle ten days of a month, the article gentleman wine that enjoys great reputation by Xuan Ni poem " take " , the foreign partner that comes from France will accuse a Wen Jun wine to exceed the share of the half. And earlier little, tribute of well of the world of Anhui name wine also by embezzle of Thailand IBHL place. For a short while, foreign capital collective was lifted and buy the old division of Chinese liquor company. This is afterwards beer industry was bought 2004, the foreign capital of triple wave that after wine industry was bought 2005, forms buys a height. Just buy this come so that appear feraller, what its look aims is all the time not by foreign capital " encroach on " Chinese wine kind finally " a Sukhavati " .

Below the lake surface with Chinese liquor calm industry " surfy " , a tremendous change is being performed --

"Wolf capital " enter advocate liquor industry

Sichuan of Chinese liquor town of military importance and Anhui are in " active " introduce foreign capital.

On May 16, 2007, the Buddhist nun of Ming Yue Xuan that subject France Lu Yiwei publishs a group company of poetic wine estate and Sichuan sword Na Chun (group) the company reached agreement of a cooperation. According to this agreement, ming Yue Xuan Ni poem will have sword Na Chun (group) limited company of brewery of Wen Jun of the Sichuan below the banner the share of 55% , sword Na Chun holds the share of 45% . Joint-stock the Wen Jun company after will become Ming Yue to high Ni Shigong manages investment is in the enterprise of the first productivity of Chinese home and even Asia.

Spokesman of company of China of Xuan Ni poem recently to " international finance signs up for " divulge, at present the agreement of Sino-French both sides has signed appropriate, the plan that cooperates about both sides still is in in talking things over further. But to Buddhist nun of outside hearsay a small room the poem wants to continue development and collaboration of group of sword Na Chun and the hearsay that build fill of Xuan Ni poem to install a plant in China, high Ni Shigong manages the respect denies clearly.
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