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Dan of Han of He Qing of predestined relationship of bender of Chinese north cub
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Bender of Chinese north cube sugar is by non-staple food of sugar of Heibei province wine current association is initiated, classics and Chinese wine kind current association connection, after approbating, liquor of held a northward candy kind grand meeting, the broad consumption area that radiation China north, northeast, northwest gives priority to with liquor, basically face northward medium and small businesses, it is the complement of countrywide candy bender and a main branch. Since 2003, hold 5 in provincial capital Shijiazhuang continuously.

■ candy bender why Dan of optional location Han

Why be held in Shijiazhuang this year and to why be held in Shijiazhuang this year and change in Han Dan? Non-staple food of the sugar that save wine is current standing vice-chairman Yang Jingli says association, shijiazhuang was not held exhibiting the large field of the meeting is one of main reasons. According to introducing, when Shijiazhuang is held, arrange commonly the place that attend a meeting waits in building of guesthouse, conference, the biggest have 3000 square metre only. A lot of ginseng exhibit business to do not have a law to enter exhibit meeting site, can put up shed to exhibit on driveway edge only. Such certainly will bring the issue of the many sided such as traffic, public security, environment. "Non-staple food of sugar of wine of the province after 2007 is current association changes to be held in other city with respect to the consideration " .

Li Shusheng of director of bureau of city business affairs tells a reporter, the beginning of the year saves session of business affairs job this year, han Dan puts forward formally to hold cocktail party of 2008 north cube sugar. What he does not know is, before this, already Tang Shan and Langfang put forward to want to hold candy cocktail party, among them Tang Shan city already offerred application 3 times continuously. Is this arrangement in which city? Will go quite quite, sponsor square final make choice of Han Dan.

It is reported, choose Han Dan, basically be based on regard of a few respects: Above all, han Dan municipal government is exhibited to this can be interested very much, force is invited and support with all one's strength for many times, do bender of very northward candy to count a when establish grade of city of urban image, promotion significant move. Next, han Dan city is had provincial bigger conference exhibits a center, of 68 thousand square metre exhibit meeting accumulating to be in provincial the first of all, and through 2007 of exposition of international building materials take exercise, han Dan city had had undertake large exhibit the sufficient experience of the meeting, had undertake the ability of large grand meeting.

Still having a very main reason is, han Dan enterprise is having the strong demand that shows his. A lot of people know Han Dan has long brew tradition, brewery is much, almost the brewery that every county has him, but how many brewery does Han Dan have after all? It is reported, the alcoholic drink that at present Han Dan city has a country to issue kind manufacturing licence enterprise already amounted to 63. Plus the name " 258 " , always year the local speciality of the numerous and famed far and near such as ground sesameseed oil of asinine flesh banger, name is tasted, the wine of Han Dan kind urgent need allows enterprise and deputy food company the outside understands him, be in what hold at the door the home to exhibit can be a best platform. Current exhibit in the meeting, more than 40 are installed especially exhibit in, the enterprise of Han Dan city held 18; 370 standards are exhibited in, the enterprise of Han Dan exceeds 100. Line of business of clump table wine, never divide county of perry course of study, the Kingdom of Wei to answer the new old brand such as chili of grand candy, the world and numerous trade company to appear in succession, to the four seas Bin Peng shows actual strength, express cooperative desire.
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