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Functional sex yoghurt consumes new window into milkings
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In recent years, be opposite as consumer of demand of yoghurt diversity breed rise, lacteal look forward to begins to be in succession on yoghurt product get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh. The new window of yoghurt market should push fungus yoghurt this year, because this kind of yoghurt has more explicit function sex, satisfied consumer to be opposite the demand of healthy drink, accept favour fully consequently.

The reporter bred from Chengdu light estate company learns recently, its push newly be good at can yoghurt of AB100 beneficial unripe bacterium reachs goluptious mouthfeel as a result of particular immune function, make sales volume with every mean monthly the impetus of 70% grows. As we have learned, be in early 2003, bright milk industry realizes the market of functional sex yoghurt is vacant, take the lead in rolling out the first increase of domestic to give birth to bacterium milkings -- , be good at can beneficial bacterium grandma, and because of its " function of line of bowel of stomach of immune adjustment, recuperation " outstanding effect obtains letter of national health food; At the beginning of this year, chengdu light is in southwest market brand-new 10 billion active beneficial are contained a lot ofin rolling out every kilogram to actor or actress cheese breeds unripe bacterium, have " enhance immune power, promote digest absorb a function " be good at can AB100 beneficial gives birth to bacterium yoghurt. "From be good at can AB100 beneficial gives birth to bacterium yoghurt to spread goods to appear on the market to now, sell situation is very satisfactory. The authority that provides according to AC Nielsen investigates data, in Chengdu, the sales volume of bright yoghurt row the first. " Guo Yong of manager of department of market of estate of Chengdu light milk tells a reporter, "This specification with be good at can the functional sex yoghurt that AB100 beneficial gives birth to bacterium yoghurt to be a delegate catered to modern to be opposite healthy demand. Modern actuating pressure law of random of big, life, a lot of people are in inferior health, because this health is goluptious convenient functional milkings, as it happens satisfied their requirement. Nevertheless, yoghurt is very tall to the requirement of cold chain technology. As we have learned, drink fresh and high grade yoghurt to assure the customer of southwest, chengdu light breeds course of study built the plant that southwest owns cold chain technology exclusively, and the icebox that asks its big agency without exception has him.

The personage inside course of study predicts, future 3 - inside 5 years, market of Chinese dairy produce will with annual of 15% add fast progress, its grow means to will produce very big change, more seeks the growth of the quantity previously, want to there is bigger breakthrough on fractionize market and product innovation now. Come round to look from eye, yoghurt is instant consumption and domestic spending coexist, and the family consumes scale slightly tall. But people is spent to the acknowledge of fungus yoghurt very low still. Accordingly, the enterprise needs to raise product acknowledge to spend through media, undertake better guiding to consumer.
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