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5 years half of increment of global milk industry comes from future Asia
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Go up lunar base, held two important meetings that concern with milk industry at the same time in metropolitan Shanghai, it is conference of additive agent for food, 2 it is conference of delibrate of market of Asian dairy produce. Former conference dimensions is latterer get greatly much, latter conference quality and class and consequence are compared former get by force much. "The half of increment of global milk industry that did not come 5 years comes from an Asia " , this is upload from seminar of market of dairy produce of this 2007 Asias come out brace up an information with shake breathtaking sex. India, China, Pakistan already made the whole world 7 produce one of grandma big countries greatly, india, pakistan, Korea, Japan, China (contain Taiwan) the milk industry of these Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand gets be mixinged quickly flourishingly development, already became an Asia to suckle course of study to develop successful model; In the meantime, also caused international to suckle the wide attention of industry.

As we have learned, the symposium is in China or hold Asian milkings market first. The conference is by Singapore Aibi is thought of (IBC) the service center sponsors meeting Wu, international milkings federation (IDF) with Chinese Guangdong the province suckles trade association collective assist do. Jim of chairman of international milkings union (JimBegg) the gentleman arrived at Chinese whole journey to attend the meeting, end the summary when near in this seminar when the gender makes a speech, think: "The change that consumes a habit to milk as people of Asian each country and each country government are right suckle course of study take seriously reach milkings industry the conduct propaganda to milk, the development of Asian milk industry is put in the development space with very big move, milkings enterprise is put in the development potential with very big move " . He is special point out, "Pass 10 years again, the manufacturing process capability of the milkings enterprise of Chinese mainland will have substantially rise " . Jim chairman breeds in the 27th was in Shanghai to hold likewise on December 20, 2007 world before this on trade plenary meeting, the rapid development that ever suckled course of study to China makes such assessment: "Half of increment of global dairy farming comes from China " . The honored guest that attends this seminar on invitation, expert, scholar, enterprise is represented in all 60 much people, they come from China respectively (contain Hong Kong, Taiwan) , country and the area such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Holand, Ireland, the Yi Li in Chinese churchyard open, Meng Niu, bright, 3 deer, constant flourishing of natural, flourishing, emperor yuan, raise force to wait for brand enterprise more, also expedited a high level to be in charge of personnel high to attend the meeting, made splendid special subject report on the meeting. This second conference, still attracted the nutrient label, development that suckle course of study research of survey of research of plan of the research, investment that suckle course of study, brand, international trade and export credit financing, nutrition, market, flavor and production are supplied, milk packs the expert that waits for numerous industry or enterprise to represent huge interest, they attend the meeting along with all the others undertook communicating.
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