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Global travelling merchant favors wine division and fruit vegetables are met
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Bishop of international of the 2nd Yantai section and vegetables of fruit of the 10th international? Food fair got global government sector, intermediary be answered actively of organization and relevant enterprise, job of the flutter that enrol business fetched significant gain.

Ginseng signing up can join the global main mission that exhibit to amount to 120, among them abroad delegacy 80 many, project of U.N. Asia-Pacific agriculture and mechanical center, international grape and bishop are organized (0IV) , association of agriculture of country of Tai Zhongyou good board, Chile, Russia holds Musike in the palm association of bishop of association of the person that grape of city, Germany grows line of business, Spain, .

The business that ginseng signing up postpones amounts to many 300, among them 500 strong companies of world 5. Much, ginseng exhibits big company dimensions is the characteristic with the most outstanding work of this business of second feast action greatly. Abroad respect, hong Kong peak of peaceful of old wine company, Hong Kong blocks Si Ma company exhibit a dimensions to amount to 30, korea " now finance and economics " book 30 to exhibit an organization ginseng of native and relevant enterprise is exhibited, city of Japanese north a poetic name of China, blessing ridge city, next closing the major of manufacturing industry branch of the syndicate such as city and city of Korea boiler hill, colourful hill city, Ren Chuan city exhibits an area amount to 20, association of Australian Chinese bishop books 50 square metre to exhibit an area to organize member company ginseng to exhibit, situjiate exhibits Germany the company books 100 square metre to exhibit an area to organize ginseng of native wine business to exhibit. Additional, KINS FARM MARKEF of supermarket of supermarket of par of Singapore duty total cooperation, Japanese TRIA chain, Canada purchases a group to attend a meeting certainly purchase. Domestic side, government of the Gansu Province is booked 20 exhibit reveal this to save fruit vegetables and bishop product, the agriculture machinery special subject of current institute organization exhibits Shandong province agriculture machinery decide 100 are exhibited, shandong province is major ground city and make the same score grape and the vegetable such as degree of city, Shou Guang city to basically produce an area to all affirm form a delegation join meeting ginseng to exhibit. The respect inside city, city agriculture bureau organizes resource of apple of conformity whole town Yantai apple special subject to exhibit, the international bishop that Yantai exit machines an area to show concentration the program inside the area trades center, center of promotion of city farming ability is exhibited 20 times certainly reveal all sorts of production data, city holothurian association exhibits the organization 20 times an all sorts of holothurian products that show Yantai centrally, company of Zhang Yu group, south the famous wine business such as place of business of wine of top of gentleman of mountain villa garden, Na Wangshan cereal also decides large-scale ginseng can be joined exhibit.
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