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A fabled abode of immortals highlights bishop to produce area advantage to hold
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The section basically joins bishop of international of Yantai of play of city of a fabled abode of immortals the action that postpones an unit, current, 44 are installed especially exhibit a completely tribal already fact, invited France to help the domestic and international famous travelling merchant such as company of bishop of phenanthrene wine place of business, Luxembourg and agency at the same time 230 meeting ginseng exhibits much ginseng.

In this second grand meeting exhibit a cloth on, city of a fabled abode of immortals will be acted on " outstanding distinguishing feature yield a division, advocate produces area culture, make whole of brand yield a division, enterprise recommend " principle, give priority to a line with advocate bishop culture, build grumous bishop culture atmosphere hard. Grape of city of a fabled abode of immortals and Ji Xingdian of bishop bureau director tell a reporter: "The business that this ginseng postpones has Great Wall of the grain in resembling, gentleman to carry the well-known big company such as wine place of business on the head already, also we produce the medium and small businesses of the area, those who share 43 enterprises to taking them advocate hit a product to attend us this grand meeting. In exhibit a cloth to exhibit a respect, exhibit to all ginseng exhibit undertook be engineered meticulously and be packinged, also undertook unity to joining the dress that exhibits personnel, believe to be in exhibit during the meeting, we will in order to shine beautiful figure leaves good impression to abroad travelling merchant. We will in order to shine beautiful figure leaves good impression to abroad travelling merchant..

Additional as we have learned, city of a fabled abode of immortals the flutter of product of bishop form a complete set works related wine division this year also already be all set, two are collected " make suggestions wine division " the hotline also begins to run.

A fabled abode of immortals serves as our country most bishop production area of concentration is built large trade platform, cater to numerous bishop manufacturer of place just about. Wine business is numerous, local vintner still can guide each enterprise to change the past to hit out severally, the practice with power only poor power, the group is held in the arms to enter the market below unitary organization, constituent business attends countrywide candy bender, China and foreign countries with organization form famous bishop all sorts of large activities such as section, bishop week, it is each district wine actively kind purchase round pull wires to build the bridge, to develop excellent vintage to offer the technology is mixed trade platform, recommend the product of the enterprise.

In addition, during this wine division, city of a fabled abode of immortals platform of feast of have the aid of, spread out multinomial conduct propaganda to produce the activity of the area, the professional website that includes to make bishop of a fabled abode of immortals produce a division " net of Chinese bishop famous city " and " world brew grape is cultivated reach administrative technique " expert lecture activity, those who be wine division hold add lustre to to buy variety. Origin: Net of Chinese food industry
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