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A fabled abode of immortals makes brand yield a division comprehensive sale " Pu
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City of a fabled abode of immortals is met in fruit vegetables and wine division is prepared in, act on outstanding distinguishing feature yield a division, advocate to produce area culture, make the principle of brand yield a division, provoke business wave actively with masterstroke of melt into of article of advocate Pu wine, at present 44 exhibit a completely tribal already fact.

A fabled abode of immortals is Yantai vinous advocate produce one of divisions, be " Chinese bishop famous city " , they serve as wine division reveal and popularize ' Chinese bishop famous city ' main platform, besides roll out outside waiting for domestic well-known company to join meeting ginseng to exhibit with Great Wall of place of business of Jun Ding wine, Yantai, still organized business of wine of Pu of more than 30 this locality to attend. They still invite France to pull company of bishop of phenanthrene wine place of business, Luxembourg, England to ascend source of trade of dragon red wine, Zhejiang, Huazeji the domestic and international famous travelling merchant such as the group and distribute still 230 much people, overfulfiled the task enrolling business of make known to lower levels of wine division organizing committee.

Exhibit during the meeting, the wind-force that the project of wine place of business that Australia blocks company of Na Xiya bishop to invest 30 million dollar and firm of Beijing Shuang Qing investment and limited company of development of wind energy of Hong Kong Wilson invest 60 million dollar generates electricity the project will be on wine division formal autograph is made an appointment with. In addition, this city returns bishop of will active have the aid of section this one platform, begin multinomial conduct propaganda to produce the activity of the area, current, affirmatory already a fabled abode of immortals produces area major website " net of Chinese bishop famous city " press conference and " world brew grape is cultivated reach administrative technique " expert lecture two activities.

City of a fabled abode of immortals is the world is accepted " one of 7 big grape coasts of world " , wine business is close 50, produce per year bishop many tons 10, viticultural area and bishop crop take make wine respectively Yantai city brew is viticultural of area and bishop crop 80% with 50% , among them 1/5 what bishop crop holds countrywide bishop output.

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