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Bottle of European bishop glass is in short supply the price rises again 10.6 %
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Price of European glass bottle rises ceaselessly this year, up to now all price has risen 10.6 % .

European independent vintner and cultivate business alliance severity to criticise the businessman holds the action that dominates vitreous bottle to rise in price, spearhead points to Owens-Illinois of two supplier of big glass bottle and Saint Gobain company continuously.

Be in early German assemblyman thought vitreous bottle manufacturer is suspected of price of hold the market this year in April, cause vitreous bottle in short supply situation, submit to European Union committee undertakes investigating,

Vitreous bottle shortage produced business to bring great influence to European bishop, a lot of companies must book the bottle of the coming year ahead of schedule, cannot buy bottle otherwise. Boerduo vintner Custer (CASTEL) express, if vitreous bottle still supply deficiency, replace the consideration with plastic bottle.

Origin: Cognac World

Origin: Network of Chinese bishop information