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Value of the wine before mid-autumn plunges
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Draw near mid-autumn, all sorts of wine water build a car to undertake depreciating in succession sales promotion activity. Reporter in provincial capital a few large supermarkets see, the box of wine water ceremony with various pattern is placed in the position with conspicuous supermarket, the brand of sales promotion makes a person dazzling more: Buy give one, the water that buy wine sends tea... some even half price sale.

In silver shopping square, the reporter sees 56.1 yuan 52 degrees of Jin Liufu fell by 98 original yuan. Be in Wo Erma supermarket, buy a bottle of 328 yuan 5 grain fluid to send a bottle of wine of Lu city tribute, buy Zhang Yu box of 86 yuan of ceremonies also has gift. "There still is a liquid of 53 degrees of 5 grains here, the price is 280 yuan, if you are bought now, still can send price of your some brand to be worth a bottle of 349 yuan wine, very be to one's profit. " the salesperson introduces enthusiasticly to the reporter.

It is liquor not merely, beer also is contended for depreciate sales promotion. In silver shopping square, bao dash forward fontal beer cost price 2.6 yuan, present price 2.4 yuan. 355 milliliter canister installs snowflake beer present price 2.9 yuan, reduced 0.5 yuan than before. Beer of outfit of 100 power canister also fell by 5.3 original yuan 5.1 yuan. The salesperson of a liquor of supermarket of fertile Er Ma tells a reporter, each big manufacturer was valued mid-autumn this " fat " , "Organize these activities, it is for can better occupational market share, and as the drawing near mid-autumn, the client that will buy wine water is increasing. The client that will buy wine water is increasing..

Mr Wang that buying wine tells a reporter, "Pass quickly mid-autumn, buy some of wine water to give kin the friend, the supermarket is in now organize an activity, hold out be to one's profit. " reporter discovery, the person that buys wine water to the supermarket is apparently much. "When I come to a supermarket last month, see fluid of a 5 grain sells 200 multivariate, but same wine, buy now still can give other wine. " citizen plum young lady decides to buy two bottles immediately.

Cloud of Zhangmei of manager of department of public relations of supermarket of fertile Er Ma tells a reporter, these wine water were September go up first those who wear, "To cater to the Mid-autumn Festival, each manufacturer depreciates sales promotion, in an attempt to better share of market of race to control. As the drawing near mid-autumn, sales promotion effect is shown gradually, the client that will buy wine water is apparently much rise. The client that will buy wine water is apparently much rise..

Origin: Net of Chinese food industry