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Draw near mid-autumn traditional food sell like hot cakes " additional kind " ma
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"Additional kind " food agitate bureau mid-autumn the market

Moon cake adds liquor, yellow rice or millet wine and red wine, all through the ages is mid-autumn the food of traditional sell like hot cakes of the market. However, this year gift is medium mid-autumn, began to appear a few " additional kind " food.

Fashionable sex -- foreign wine

From 10 years of Qian Zhihua person wine waiting for ocean begins to be ascended in the city of a gleam of such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing shop mid-autumn list of present begins, zhi China person had gift is installed mid-autumn. So far, paul force is added, the absolutely vodka of Diyajiou and Sweden, all rolled out mid-autumn ceremony box suit, had the market that comparative.

Savour a gender -- glacial wine

To cater to gift is consumed mid-autumn, glacial wine by each big supermarket is put in relatively conspicuous place, have the entrance product of Canada, Germany among them, the Zhang Yu gold that also home is produced puts cereal on the ice to put wine on the ice. "Send glacial wine to be able to reflect grade most mid-autumn. " the member that according to Mai Delong the supermarket is sold tells a reporter, nowadays buys the customer that puts wine on the ice is mostly 25 to personages of 40 years old of medium, youth between, be in " like receiving moon cake to resemble receiving beatific short message frequent " the Mid-autumn Festival, glacial wine appears precious really and extraordinary.

Healthy sex -- dairy produce

Bristly in business the box of ceremony of each old brand high end in transcending milkings division installs sales promotion to pile a head, exceptionally grand occasion of dimensions it may be said. Include the old brand such as Meng Niu, Yi Li, light, every sales promotion piles a head not to issue 3. And the 100 especially black red milk that this plan appears on the market in the last ten-day of a month in September, also appear in each ahead of schedule awesomely big Shang Chaozhong. Purchase a ministry to concern chief introduction according to new century supermarket, although product of major high end did not organize activity of special offer privilege, but of entire case buy an amount apparent increase, with respect to supermarket of new century of nowadays emancipatory tablet, special Lun Su sells more than 100 case everyday is very common thing.

Careful mid-autumn " ox " moon cake ticket

Draw near mid-autumn, fire of hasten of moon cake market, a few " ox " also try to take the chance to earn through ticket of moon cake of buy in and sell at a profit. Reporter discovery, in Great Harmony of the area in change square heavy guest food sells central door outside, want somebody to be walked out of from inside only, can have immediately " ox " come over to enquire whether to need moon cake bill. In addition, also gathered before the mouth of archives of a few moon cake such as hotel of Chongqing big public house, Chongqing restaurant, cygnet many " ox " .
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