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Chiliad yellow rice or millet wine had " new flavour " profit of group of yellow
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Carry on promotes group of yellow rice or millet wine to get used to consumption to upgrade change, adjust product structure, profit grows 552% first half of the year.

Since this year, when many person of the same trades feel the day is sad, zhejiang carry on promoted limited company of group of yellow rice or millet wine to hand over however beautiful " report " : Sales volume of yellow rice or millet wine grows 19% compared to the same period first half of the year, profit growth is as high as 552% .

Group president Fu Jianwei thinks, because the enterprise captured consumption of market of our country country to upgrade,this is and the new trend that the city consumes, the product structure with bold traditional breakthrough, innovation sale shift, gained new market.

The class on rural life work, oppidan taste change is sharp, having historical carry on promoted yellow rice or millet wine 2500, will upgrade the crossroad of replacement. Think to the development of this problem, make group of yellow rice or millet wine begin to break through inherent thinking, pass technical reformation and craft innovation, give yellow rice or millet wine infuse brand-new element.

The breakthrough on the concept, brought carry on to start a revolution of structure of product of yellow rice or millet wine. On rural market, group of yellow rice or millet wine rolls out this year " square bottle new gold 5 years old " more expensive than 9 former and popular yuan in bags wine 3 yuan two, however more the reception that gets villagers. 45 yuan when roll out subsequently " brief add a meal " , pack greatly " altar adds a meal " , get on 100 yuan even " wine of box of 10 years of Chen Li " , also be in a country the market is increasingly popular, on holidays sold goods even.

In the city, group of yellow rice or millet wine is bold take aim eye to high-end market, the product that began greater strength upgrades replacement: Filter through film on one hand wait for a technology, make a taste more honest, colour and lustre more know the yellow rice or millet wine that show; Adopt original design on the other hand, give all the time since " earthy flavour is dye-in-the-wood " bottle, added fashionable flavor.

In key point of group of yellow rice or millet wine, of the product upgrade replacement is mutiple level, also be everlasting. Dinner party of oppidan business affairs is much, they roll out a mouth to feel relaxed " Gu Yuegong " etc low spend wine; Old people weighs preserve one's health, they roll out those who add medlar " Number One Scholar is red " wait for new-style wine; Shanghai person has distinctive taste, they are rolled out " the compartment in house " wait for series gust wine.

Nowadays, 30 years, wait for wine of high-grade a particular year 40 years, in big city market is good. In and other places of Hangzhou, Shanghai " ancient Yue Longshan " brand shop, average market retail price is as high as wine of high-grade a particular year 4000 multivariate, still many people are bought.
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