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"Yellow hilltop " taste newly be about to appear on the market
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Reporter from Kaileke ability learned a few days ago, in September the middle ten days of a month, before this company will be half an year, buy " yellow hilltop " hold taste newly appear on the market news briefing, weigh this again when place name wine the pound is pushed to the market.

This year in March, ability buys Kaileke formally " yellow hilltop " . Kaileke ability (600260) it is headquarters is located in county of Hubei public security to appear on the market company, advocate business Wu (plastic new material develops high-tech) do perfectly, why should march liquor industry? This company surnames chief to expressed a few days ago, ability mixes Kaileke " yellow hilltop " be in together public security, "Yellow hilltop " there is name very much in place, ever was the first brand in Hubei liquor industry, 80 time end creates the century on spend the New Year sale 90 million yuan outstanding achievement. Although " yellow hilltop " in recent years sales volume is serious already and atrophic, dan Kaile science and technology still values its latent capacity, the decision receives use too much force to be done newly big. Press a plan, "Yellow hilltop " in fixed position high-grade liquor, the most expensive should sell 5000 yuan / bottle.

Origin: " newspaper of wine of an ancient name for China "