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Wine of precious thin ice becomes fashion
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Celebrate a festival the ceremony of wine sending ice results from Europe, in North America very popular also. Compatriots contacts glacial wine first is to going up century end, every go to the overseas Chinese of and other places of live abroad Canada to wait for a festival mid-autumn, often return wine of a bottle of ice, in order to place the longing to family.

And to nowadays, glacial wine begins to walk into home of common common people.

In Chengdu each are large supermarket, to cater to gift is consumed mid-autumn, glacial wine is put to be in more conspicuous place, have the entrance product of Canada, Germany, the Zhang Yu gold that also home is produced puts cereal on the ice to put wine on the ice. According to selling a report, the sale of wine of ice of a month relatively the corresponding period rose last year many, hopeful is achieved new tall.

According to expert introduction, the ability in 30 thousand bottles of bishop has alcoholic drink of a bottle of ice, the whole world produces per year a quantity to add up do not exceed 2000 tons, only a few area of Canada, Germany, Austria and China can be produced. 2005, zhang Yu building holds global output the gold of nearly half puts Gu Jiuzhuang on the ice, broke the situation that glacial wine can rely on to import only before, make its be able to popularity rises.

Content with rare for expensive, have " liquid gold " the nature of price glacial wine that say does not poor. As we have learned, the true glacial wine on the market is in 200 yuan of above, like Zhang Yu gold puts cereal on the ice to put wine on the ice, gold gets step price 288 yuan, the highest black product that get degree should sell 1000 yuan the left and right sides. And, glacial wine is different from general bishop in bag mount, it is the pyxis of 500 milliliter to install more.

"Send glacial wine to reflect a kind of fashionable grade mid-autumn. " the member that the supermarket is sold says, buying the customer that puts wine on the ice is fashionable personage mostly, be in " like receiving moon cake to resemble receiving beatific short message frequent " the Mid-autumn Festival, glacial wine appears very special with precious, can give the person that accept a gift accident surprise.

Culture glacial wine conveys lot to cherish

" bishop appreciate " Chen Zhuang of magazine chief editor thinks, besides the precious rare character that puts wine on the ice, culture glacial wine is people place to accept gradually as western exotic, this also is glacial wine those who become popular mid-autumn fashion is immanent prompt a factor.

"The wine with rare precious is cherished person " , chen Zhuang says, glacial wine is in Euramerican had become a kind of culture -- give in order to put wine on the ice as gift photograph, it is the affection expression that cherishs bilateral lot; In midpoint of party have dinner one bottle puts wine on the ice, show the person that entertain guests hopes to build the atmosphere of a kind of close very close to each other.
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