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Detonate busy season of city of wine of second half of the year mid-autumn
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The liquor goods shelves of each big market supermarket has presented an extremely strong red-letter day to celebrate atmosphere.

Set limit to begs valence to making a of high-end liquor remarkable trend.

Mid-autumn National Day drawing near, each are big wine kind the businessman sends market of water of force Guangzhou wine in succession. Each old main wine such as the island that the reporter visits 100 beautiful, auspicious, lotus that predict bee kind sell a discovery, no matter be liquor, bishop or spirited ocean wine, they are installed with ceremony box in succession, depreciate the portion that the section of method race to control such as sales promotion celebrates wine drink to consume the market, competitive posture is more and more intense.

Although suffer,CPI upsurges first half of the year, the influence of the natural disaster such as the earthquake, wine drink consumption of the citizen decreases somewhat, the growth range that wine tastes during mid-autumn relatively slow last year; But those who not allow to oppugn is, mid-autumn is the start that liquor, bishop enters second half of the year to sell busy season, the market performance that affects more important Spring Festival and even annual directly, the growth of market of water of wine of second half of the year still very hopeful.

Sales promotion " big fight " passion is performed

The arrival mid-autumn lifted wine kind what busy season sells is prelusive, the wine that after ending from the Olympic Games, begins to meet busy season head-on kind the market right now sale is a climax more ceaseless. The reporter discovers when market is visited, businessman not only in original wine kind the sale that wine increases on the base that sells shop displays archives convenient consumer choose and buy, special still opened decorate fancy wine kind the look that piles a head to attract customer.

Wine tastes a zone to exceed window into business

The large supermarket such as the island of 100 beautiful, auspicious in succession open up cross subprovincial administrative region of section provision choose and buy mid-autumn, and in the zone, wine is tasted become among them a important. The reporter is in the lotus that predict bee 3 yuan in inn sees, the member that no matter be liquor, bishop or spirited ocean,wine brand all expedited the sales promotion that have a strong lineup. The salesperson tells a reporter, on goods shelves not only the breed of wine is compared increased at ordinary times, still vacated special space, reveal the ceremony box outfit that packs elegant vogue individually.

Sales promotion member introduce, the sales volume mid-autumn is commonly at ordinary times one times, and the sales volume of the Spring Festival can break up than mid-autumn again, because be mixed this mid-autumn,every brand meets Spring Festival around to organize sales promotion activity greatly. With different at ordinary times is, each are big mid-autumn the brand issues partial brand to undertake depreciating to the banner sales promotion, the manufacturer pays attention to small profits but quick turnover to drive the growth of the market, its price is more rational also change.
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