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Race to control of renown wine brand shop is round mid-autumn buy the market
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As the arrival mid-autumn, the group is bought make wine kind the popular topic of the market, each are big wine kind brand and sale business start relevant strategy in succession, the hope can share from this market " a cup of a thick soup " . And the reporter in interviewing discovery recently, renown wine brand shop the wine of this one innovation kind sale channel because its are compressed change feature and brand to assure to wait for an element, buy in the group stronger competition ability is shown in the market, become a lot of consumer groups to buy the first selection place of a wine.

  Renown wine borrows " monopolistic "

Acquire channel speech right

According to rough statistic, at present the renown wine brand shop of Shenzhen has Maotai fluid of 4 the home, 5 grain Na Chun of 3 the home, sword Home 1 , Zhang Yu Home 1 , a kind of spirit distilled in Fenyang Home 1 . The near future was to appear to center fluid of lane of Maotai, well, 5 grain, sword more of the brand shop such as Na Chun and foreign wine shop " city of wine of Gui Xing name " , the wine of these distinct categories, different style kind brand shop has made Shenzhen wine kind the force that the market cannot ignore.

Without doubt, brand shop is renown wine innovation on sale channel. Inside numerous course of study the personage looks, brand shop reveals a brand to be being had for renown wine, stop the action such as false wine.

Action not only hereat, the malpractice that traditional sale channel exists also is one of reasons with a wine monopolistic choice. Analytic personage thinks, main concentration is selling the sale channel that renown wine is in Shenzhen before field and smoke wine travel greatly, but sell a high cost entering the arena and not agile settle accounts kind greatly, make wine business right sell greatly love to be hated again again, and wine spreads smoke wine travel, smoke to wait for an element as a result of channel of replenish onr's stock, it is false wine and smuggling wine cause " hotbed " .

Be the insufficient place because of these two kinds of traditional channel, make renown wine brand delivers the view to brand shop channel, the speech that obtains oneself gradually on channel counterpoises, the attempt faces terminal consumer directly.

The group buys the market

Make a sale " breach "

Of brand shop arisen had made Shenzhen wine kind the one big hotspot of the market, its become a wine to show the window of the brand not just. In recent years, as to sale means fumble ceaselessly, brand shop also begins to show certain market competition ability, purchase market territory in the group especially, it is to become what brand shop market sells more " breach " .

The reporter waits for a wine brand shop to understand from city of wine of name of star of brand shop of sanded brilliance Maotai, laurel, the sale of brand shop is in centrally retail buy with the group on, especially the group is bought, it is the largest dominant position of brand shop all the time. Guo Youping of president of company of liquor of tobacco of candy of star of Shenzhen city laurel thinks, brand shop because intermediate link is little, wait for an element without charge entering the arena, because this is compared on the price,sell greatly have an advantage more. In the meantime, brand shop is brand manufacturer mostly big perhaps agency is opened directly, avoided the occurrence of fake. Accordingly, a lot of people can choose brand shop when the group is bought, and this kind of trend is in nearly two years more apparent.
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