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Place of business of wine of Home Huang run " SamSung " enlighten zoology swims
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Here, the story of civilian education is pursued at the beginning of the old fokelore that having Huang Di, this world having comfort; Here, the building of wine place of business that having Western Europe color and Western Europe are contemporary brew craft, modern agriculture economy manages mode; Here, it is collect is cultivated, science and technology sets an example, recreational go vacationing, sightseeing is visited, science and technology grooms the agriculture that is an organic whole sets an example field, guest of all directions of Chun Rili Hua Xiaoying, autumn grape beautiful wine waits for a person to come. Here, it is a country area of scene of travel of 3 class A- - bishop of Home Huang of the town that decide a city village. Look please:

"Ancient, green, foreign " " SamSung " enlighten the zoology that decide a city swims

The village is located in bishop of Home Huang of the town that decide a city this city Dong Ting presses down Huang Jiaying area of garden of agricultural zoology sightseeing, be apart from the urban district that decide a city 8 kilometers. Branch of wine place of business cultivates area, life office division and garden forest zone to machine brewing division, grape, have workshop of brew of grape museum, grape and subterranean wine cellar to wait for a building. There is peak hind, Fuji, Chixia bead, Mei Lu inside garden area the delicacy such as rhyme is fed and brew breed of two kinds of big 28 high grade grapes. In recent years, concern branch and calm state municipal Party committee, municipal government in superior support energetically below, the village highlights Home Huang bishop terrain distinguishing feature, disentomb details of native land culture, bold draw lessons from the west to build form and administrative pattern, on the base that expands demonstrative agriculture energetically, with " ancient, green, foreign " is breach, developed resource of zoology agriculture travel in the round, make wine place of business makes division of scene of travel of national 3A stage, also make the first selection land that countryside of passenger of province inside and outside swims.

Historical fokelore inside information is solid, strange aerolite agitate searchs tide of " ancient "

The tourist attraction with famous village has Home Huang wine booth of poem of 塚 of grave of Home Huang a knot in one's heart, catfish, 36 man and government-owned home grave, Yan Zishu house, grape, I is fair the door. The inside information with solid culture of wine place of business is reflected centrally in, record and narrate of Home Huang a knot in one's heart the old fokelore of Huang Di of thill of a small room of first ancestor of an ancient name for China; Emersion of Yan Zishu house the relic of the gentleman at the beginning of Yan Yang of latter-day and civilian educationist is vestigial; 塚 of catfish grave, 36 man and government-owned home grave, the villager of Home Huang run that reflected brave goodness and the story that make a fight evilly; And grandiose and tall I fair door, reflected villager of run of yellow now home adequately to be in the benefit of the party farming below policy, mix with one's shoulder to collar with oneself the both hands of wisdom, work with perseverance must turn a desolate sands into the contemporary " of 10 thousand mus of high grade grapery mythological " .
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