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Healthy -- of Islamic food below one " ace " ?
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Islamic food, singing on Moslem product market all the time " grand opera " . In the delegate that attends the plenary meeting that wind business this, the entrepreneur of Islamic food domain also amount to is not little. How can you make Islamic food market is extended more quickly further better? The reporter discovers in attending the meeting a few days, "Healthy " become a keyword with occurrence extremely high rate.

Be in with the reporter in chatting, liu Yongfu of vise general manager of company of food of flesh of prairie of city of cloth of examine of Inner Mongolia black orchid emphasizes the healthy point of Islamic food for many times. He says, the Hui nationality is paid attention to in food respect quite much, avoid eats the feculent food such as dead other people, to domestic animals raise, of butcher and food with makings have rigid standard, so Islamic food has natural, healthy characteristic generally. And in the culture forum that day, the speech of Ge Zhuang of researcher of institute of religion of academy of sciences of society of secretary-general of Shanghai religion society, Shanghai is to be the person that attend the meeting to point out a business chance more: "We eat be used to ' Kendeji ' , ' Mcdonald's ' , but foreign snack already was realised to be by more and more people ' rubbish food ' , why to take no account of the Islamic that builds ourselves to interlink snack inn? Not be to point to pull noodle shop, however the snack of green health Islamic that the whole nation interlinks, if make scale big, I believe this project is met certainly in the start shooting inside 9 years! I believe this project is met certainly in the start shooting inside 9 years!!

In Moslem entrepreneur the peak is met in, "Healthy " 2 words happen to coincide again the ground is emphasized by place of a few well-known trademarks. Our country's biggest beef production exports a company -- , Inc. of industry of pork of Islamic of month of Jilin Changchun bright, put forward " safe, green, nutrition, healthy " catchword; Enterprise of bibcock of countrywide milkings industry -- , Yi Li group, started " healthy China " plan... these all gave person of the same trades attending the meeting with enlightenment: "Healthy " , it is to drive what Islamic food industry grows quickly probably below one " ace " .

Origin: Yinchuan news network