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Bishop of 110 kinds of renown actor appears on Yantai
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Fruit vegetables is met this year, exit machines area key to advance vinous to join meeting cloth to postpone the job, concentration rolls out the bishop of 110 kinds of renown actor of 9 countries.

Exit treatment area passes the Yantai international bishop that establish to trade center, the key makes international vinous trade platform, let Yantai become international vinous distribution centre. Use this one dominant position, the bishop that strove for 100 square metre actively exhibits an area, the design is exhibited for 11.

The renown actor bishop that the sample that this wine division ginseng exhibits comes from 9 countries such as France, United States, Japan, Italy, Australia, Chile, south Africa to make an appointment with 110 breed, ginseng show piece tastes origin wide, breed is much, covered the excellent vintage of areas of 6 etc of old wine producing area, exhibit through joining undertake propagandist sales promotion, promote Yantai international bishop to trade thereby rapid development of the center. In the meantime, also walked along door going abroad to provide a convenient and efficient platform for domestic bishop.

Origin: Yellow Sea morning publication