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Bishop will be large-scale appear on Parisian international food to exhibit
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Came 23 days on October 19, parisian international food is exhibited (SIAL 2008) the class will be strapped to exhibit a center to hold in dimension of French Paris north. A few days ago, " wine of an ancient name for China signs up for " the reporter exhibits stimulative meeting to be stationed in from French international major China delegacy learns, SIAL 2008 purchases business for bishop " quantity body is custom-built " special activity: Open up shows the extent of brand of grape breed, bishop, introduce the vinous distinguishing feature of main grape breed and its brew, reveal the bishop brand that ascendant posture is in in the industry. In addition, SIAL gold prize also open up bishop special award.

It is reported, bishop zone is founded meet at was being exhibited 2006, the open up of the zone wins the general approval of the audience. According to investigation, the audience of 90% comes round to exhibit can seek innovation product and range the wine of more wide extensive kind product: The hope of 70% sees more senior bishop, the hope of 67% sees more this locality alcoholic drink, the hope of 65% sees the bishop of brew of more different grape breed, the hope of 50% sees more brand bishop. For this, sponsor square reference these information were arranged for the audience 2008 " quantity body is custom-built " activity.

In addition, SIAL 2008 still will continue to begin " optimal purchase " and " vintner Wu talks " activity. Arrange for professional personage " optimal purchase " activity, facilitate the person that look around is chosen ginseng exhibit the product with bishop neutral high price. Among them, this year " optimal purchase " a new selection level still will establish in the activity: "Give store sth in a cellar or pit " valence is in " 6 to 10 euro " bishop. Make thereby the sort of this activity by original " 2 euro are the following " , " 2 to 4 euro " , " 4 to 6 euro " 3 level increase 4. 2008 " optimal purchase " selected wine, evaluate the independence that constitutes by well-known public figure round spot to sample. Postpone meeting general start the area of breed of a different grape, different brand, the bishop that ascendant posture is in in showing an industry, arrangement samples, advise others by using one's own experience, introduce main grape breed and the vinous distinguishing feature that use these grape brew in detail. In " vintner Wu talks " in the activity, wine kind exhibit business to be able to meet those who see future buy the home, exhibit to join business and purchased business to offer have very much specific aim and yield extremely tall new business chance.

As we have learned, attend invitation letter that exhibits audience of meeting China area exhibit stimulative meeting to be united in home by French international major extend, exhibit the promotion orgnaization that can be in China as this, at the appointed time, they still see constituent major the group.  
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