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Raw milk price first will hind litre sit switchback predicts to will go up to 3
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The former this year sit up that suckle valence " switchback " buy price first half of the year from 3.8 yuan / kilogram drop 2.6 yuan / kilogram predicting near future goes up 3 yuan / kilogram
With " Yin Qing is errant " the stock market is same, from last year the end of the year begins, raw milk buys price also sit up " switchback " : From 3.8 yuan / kilogram fall after a rise goes to 2.6 yuan / kilogram, removed 2.85 yuan to rebound again on August 1 / kilogram, although pick up somewhat, but manufacturing cost raises let grandma farming still very " get hurt " .

Recently, to prevent the near future low the manufacturing enthusiasm that confused raw milk buys valence to affect grandma farming, national hair changes appoint, Ministry of Agriculture, country is industrial and commercial administration total bureau is urgent come on stage " price of raw material grandma coordinates a mechanism " , breed an enterprise for milk cow, breed a legitimate rights and interests that processes a business with milkings " escort the Emperor convoy " .

Grandma farming: Cost rises to suckle valence to drop however

"A day a price, does not expect what the milk of oneself can sell price to tomorrow. " a grandma farming tells a reporter helplessly, this year before March, raw material grandma buys price or 3.7 yuan / kilogram, dropped ceaselessly later 2.6 yuan / kilogram.

Lai farm field grows Li Quanzhuang milk cow on the west Huang Shaojun tells a reporter, the milk cow gross that he breeds now exceeded 600, begin from June, because market market is not quite good, of milk bought valence to drop every kilograms 2.6 yuan or so, this lets a lot of milk breed door income is direct shrink, but feed price still is rising ceaselessly, cattle farm is almost profitless now, from the milk cow that second half of the year began last year filling column heats up at present to dropping in temperature quickly. "The wedding day of grandma farming passed to be less than a year, grandma price fell again. Early know to depreciate so fast, should not fill at the outset column. " a grandma farming is right at the outset decision-making repent unceasingly.

Supermarket: Liquid state grandma is firm in have fall

Yesterday, the reporter is in 100 fill lose a supermarket to see, the favourable sales promotion that the milk brand such as card of Meng Niu, Yi Li, bright, musical instrument has centralized inside milk products zone. The reporter sees, although on the price not " become loose " , but build wave sending wind to move: The unconscious ox milk of 24 in bags presents one case 4 bags of milk, and child sending blessing, " buy give one " sales promotion brand is to be seen everywhere more.

"The privilege that go up basically reflects the price to go up in sales promotion activity now, the sales promotion strength of the streak before passing is greater. " the member that cheat a sales promotion of bovine shop tells a reporter. And all along strong milk powder price also has fall after a rise recently, qingdao emperor yuan the relevant controller of limited company predicts lacteal trade the lady says, although suckle price fall after a rise formerly, but other cost still is rising, so the cost of milk products enterprise still was not decreased.
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