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Northward and exclusive bishop trades the center tries Yantai of converge of win
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From Yantai exit treatment area is in charge of appoint can learn, have the aid of of area of Yantai exit treatment is trying the Yantai international bishop that move to trade center, will be in 11 of wine division bishop that exhibit an about 100 square metre exhibit an area inside, come from 9 countries such as France, United States, Japan, Italy, Australia, Chile, south Africa to make an appointment with bishop of many bottles of 1000 110 breed, renown actor showpiece.

Try the Yantai international bishop that move to trade center, with Yantai exit treatment area is rely on, desire will trade the center makes those who give a major protect duty to trade service platform, let Yantai become international vinous distribution centre. Yantai exit machines an area to use this one dominant position just about, actor or actress world name during feast bishop assemble. The ginseng show piece this year tastes exit treatment area origin is wide, breed is much, covered the excellent vintage of areas of 6 etc of old wine producing area, exhibit propagandist sales promotion through joining, promote Yantai international bishop to trade thereby rapid development of the center.

According to introducing, bishop of Chinese Yantai international trades the center is established in Yantai exit machines an area inside, set reveal a center, trade the center, character appraisal center, library that keep tax, it is our country north at present first grapes wine trades center. The geographical advantage that this center relies on treatment area and Yantai harbor an organic whole and the policy advantage of the storage that keep tax, protect duty to reveal with the product such as international bishop, trade the terminal market that give priority to, market promotion, reveal, information of prices of appraisal of storage, content shedding, sale, character, international is offerred etc muti_function at an organic whole. The famous bishop company that asks valley of handkerchief of accept of California of Sikana, United States to wait for producing area of 6 old wine through as much as French wave Er Meiduoke, Italy established good relationship, introduce bishop of actor of name of world each district, whisky, brandy and soft drinks, the service is mixed at domestic and international travelling merchant market demand. The enterprise outside already having much family financial situation at present is garrisoned trade the center does business, trade the look of things is good.

Of this center establish, walked along door going abroad to provide a convenient and efficient platform for domestic bishop, company of domestic bishop production can pass Yantai international bishop to trade bishop of central understanding international is newest prices, what import company production needs all sorts of former complementary makings and manufacturing facilities and technology.

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