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Beer business already was depended on no longer buy
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Change to consume a concept personally Hua Run does poineering work to was released a few days ago up to the metaphase outstanding achievement by June. In the each core business that does poineering work in Hua Run, the effect that beer business suffers an earthquake is the biggest. The company says, although the earthquake is right the loss that asset causes is finite, but cause blow to the retail spending of Sichuan and certain and adjacent area. The Hua Run of management snowflake beer does poineering work inspect Sichuan to be one of main beer markets, considering the soup first half of the year, the company predicts the sales volume of beer business whole this year grows to already put delay.

Because this company already sold all rights and interests of blame core oil and business of relevant product distribute at be being finished by June 2007, it is so inside report period already stopped business not to have contribution again, look from Zhang face, hua Run does poineering work the net gain first half of the year went backwards considerably 60.2% to 1.488 billion HK dollar. But cast aside except investment property weighs the appraise, influence that sells blame core capital and investment, hua Run does poineering work period the contribution of core business profit inside grew 19% , drive grow 17% via profit of battalion business net profit continuously, to 1.022 billion HK dollar, run business continuously every gain 0.62 HK dollar, on prep above year the 0.49 HK dollar of the corresponding period.

As we have learned, the major servicing that at present Hua Run does poineering work includes a supermarket treatment of retail business, beverage business, food and distribute business. Company exposure, first half of the year advocate the main impetus that business Wu profit grows comes from supermarket retail trade Wu, period inside the increase rate is the same as inn of supermarket business from 2007 of annual 9.5% rise to 15.9% . Profit grows beverage business first half of the year 23.7% , to 146 million HK dollar.

Chen Shulin of China embellish poineering president attends outstanding achievement to explain to express when the meeting, at present the gain of 58% comes from the company outback market, so outback market performance affects integral condition directly, anticipate outback second half of the year comes from move of adjusting control policy ensure growth reachs control inflation policy, company credit also can relax, grow impetus to have hope to outstanding achievement of second half of the year so.

Chen Shulin discloses, the company will be searched buy an opportunity, but beer business has grown quickly through buying, already depended on no longer now buy. photograph comparing, management flesh kind the 5 abundant of treatment need to lean all right and buy a belt to move action. Chen Shulin says, hope 5 abundant can be entered every year all right come city of two new provincial capital, predict in the near future the capital spending of this business can be maintained in annual 1 billion yuan, and the capital spending of annual will control the company this year be in 7 billion yuan, among them first half of the year already defray 2.9 billion yuan.
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