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Division of Qingdao international beer opens act 19 days
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Came on September 19, 2008 on October 5, with " celebrate for the Olympic Games result, cheer with the world " the division of beer of international of the 18th Qingdao that gives priority to a problem, will be in city of Qingdao international beer as scheduled open, with unprecedented enthusiastic merry and lively, lead Qingdao " hind Olympic Games " travel trend is prosperous.

The part of beer of international of the 18th Qingdao that the reporter holds from yesterday the press conference learns, around " the Olympic Games celebrates work red-letter day " the current beer division that launch is attracted in all include 48 China and foreign countries such as case of rich of Qingdao beer, green jade spy famous beer brand enters a red-letter day, the integral layout of Qingdao beer city also will more hasten is reasonable, the space inside city of implementation of do one's best is connected roomily fully, content of stream of people flows smooth. Precinct of Wu of kimono of division of water district, fine time entertainment, integrated activity tastes cent for beer inside the city, what strengthen each area from this is complementary and interactive, the utilization rate that raises assembly room space and the easy that the public enters a red-letter day are measurable.

It is reported, current beer division will continue before beer tastes recreation of drink, fine time, act art activity 3 big board piece, mix according to the market at the same time the need of operation, setting trade is revealed, beer reads extensively wait for auxiliary sex board piece. Among them late on September 19 7:3The 0 opening ceremonies that hold at stage of beer city center, give ceremony driving a city and success of congratulatory Olympic Games perfect be in harmony is collected. During the opening ceremony, the large fireworks show with a bold and unrestrained passion will be in Qingdao gold coast is performed.

Origin: Qingdao daily