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Aromatic crisp crust of cooked rice enrols beef flavour business
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Aromatic crisp crust of cooked rice enrols beef flavour business Express time: Period of efficacy of 2008-09-10: Long-term and effective Join collect Recommend to the friend Mistake information is informed against The network is cheated inform against Connection means Contact: Spend general manager of couple? ()Click here to send a message to me Company: Shanxi faces telephone call of of limited company of food of source of Yi abundant day: Mobile phone of 0359-4068398 4025666: 13133140852 model 13835961890 Zhao fax: Address of 0359-4068890: Shanxi carry city arrives Yi town east outskirt 209 countries to the south ofVIP member _30
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Beef smell is sweet crisp rice crust

This strain is convenient and delicate recreational food, crisp is goluptious, the aftertaste is boundless, nutrition is rich, just carry, its are packed beautiful and easy, solid belong to domestic reunion, the friend meets, go out travel, the first selection that gives close friends is recreational gift. Bag feed namely, open, feed as far as possible, should notice otherwise moistureproof, lest affect mouthfeel.