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Happy fruit
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Happy fruit Express time: Period of efficacy of 2008-09-10: Long-term and effective Join collect Recommend to the friend Mistake information is informed against The network is cheated inform against Connection means Contact: CHristinaClick here to send a message to me Company: Happy fruit produces Lafudisi phone of limited company: Mobile phone of 0769-23178501: Fax of 86-13825738701: Address of 0769-23178502: 10 thousand rivers of city of Guangdong province Dongguan areaVIP member _30
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Happy fruit

Limited company of happy fruit production is located in Lafudisi the Iran that optimum happy fruit grows draws district of husband mulberry Gu De, it is the happy fruit exporter with the biggest Iran, get industry is approbated extensively. The company is founded 1968, the member goes to many current 75000 by many 200 initial development. It is to have happy fruit to cultivate, reap, treatment, store the manufacturing business that the one continuous line such as carry serves.